Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Garlicky, Garlicky Bread Plait

Garlicky, Garlicky Bread Plait

If you like garlic , you will love this bread. It is easy , light with a crunchy crust, and would feed 20 when pulled apart and served with a meal. The garlic is cooked in the butter, (or oil), and the cooked garlic is added to the dough. The garlic flavored butter is brushed on during baking.You could form any shape you wish, rolls , bread sticks or pull- aparts. Because the dough is soft and silky, it is probably not suited to a loaf.

Set oven to 220 -250o, place dish of water in bottom of oven.

10 cloves of garlic, or 10 teaspoons of minced garlic , bought.
100g. unsalted butter.
300 mls. warm water
500gs. flour. 250g plain (all purpose Flour) and 250g bread flour.
2 teaspoons of dried yeast

Scrape down bowl if chopping fresh garlic.
Chop garlic in TMX. or add 10 teaspoons of pre prepared to bowl.
Add 1 dessertspoon of butter(or 3 teaspoons), and 1 teaspoonful of water to bowl and cook butter and garlic at 100o, soft speed for 10 mins.
Add remaining butter and stand for 10 mins.
Strain garlic from butter. retain both.
No need to wash bowl
Place flour, yeast and water in bowl with 1 dessertspoon of the infused butter, and knead on bread setting for 4 mins.
Add strained garlic to bowl and knead for 30 seconds.
Place in warm spot to double. Can leave in Bowl.
Turn out on to floured bench and lightly knead .
Form into required shape, brush with infused butter, and let double again.
Cook for 10 mins, and brush with butter again.
Turn tray, place back in oven for further 5-10 mins. should be lightly brown.
Remove from oven and turn plaits over. cook another 5 -10 mins until bottom is brown. can brush any remaining butter over bottom.

Care must be taken when turning bread over as it is still very soft.

This can be made the day before required, up to the stage where the bread is formed into shape. Cover and place in fridge. Next day remove from fridge , let return to room temp, (about 30 mins.) and then double in size. then continue with method.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lebanese Meat and Pine nut Pastries

Lebanese Meat and Pine nut Pastries

These tasty little morsels, are based on Abla's, Soubih el sit ( ladies' fingers) recipe. They are made with lamb mince and spices, all very easy in the TMX. They can be made small, as a nibble, to have with drinks, or larger as in the photo to have as a main with salad. This recipe makes 10 large or 20 small.

1 packet of Filo pastry, 375g. You will not use all of this, but well sealed it will keep in the fridge for months.
Oil of choice, I use Rice Bran oil in a spray tin.

Set oven to 200o FF

1 onion, peeled and 1/4ed
1 Tablespoon of oil
250 -300g. of minced lamb
1/2 teaspoon of each of the following,
Black pepper
ground cumin
ground allspice
ground sumac
1/4 cup of Pine nuts, cooked in oil until brown.

Drop onion onto spinning blades, speed 5 for 5 seconds.Scrape down sides of bowl.
Add oil and cook, 5 mins, at 100o, speed 1.
Add spices and meat, cook for 10 mins, 100o, speed 1,REVERSE.
After 5 mins, take cup out to allow liquid to evaporate as it cooks.
Cool mixture. Add pine nuts.

Lay Filo out and spray top sheet with oil. With one sheet at a time, fold a third of both sides to overlap. The filo will now be 1/3 of the original size.
Place a full Tablespoon, ( for the large rolls) of cool lamb mix along short side and roll up. Tucking in ends as you go. Spray with oil.
Continue until all meat mix is used.

Bake until brown.

These can be cooked on the stove top in oil if preferred.
Serve hot. Can be made ahead and reheated.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mustard Sauce for Corned Beef

This sauce has a predominate onion base as well as mustard. It is excellent with pickled meat. It is served hot. We also ate it with roast chicken, and although this sounds like an unlikely pairing is was actually very good. This recipe makes 8 to 10 serves and reheats well in the Microwave.

25g. butter
1 onion
1 Tablespoon of flour
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of corned meat cooking water
1 Bay leaf
2 teaspoons of dry mustard, or more to taste
pinch of cloves
1 Tablespoon of chives.

Drop 1/4ed onion on to spinning blades in TMX, speed 7, 5 seconds.
Scrape down sides and then add butter. Cook for 5 mins., 100o. speed 2.
Add flour and milk and zap speed 5 for 10 seconds.
Add all other ingredients except chives and cook 10 mins, 100o., speed 3.
Stir in chives.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rice for Sushi Rolls

Rice for Sushi rolls

This amount of rice, when cooked will make 16 Sushi Rolls, sometimes called California Rolls.

400g. rice. (can use Japanese rice 'Nishiki' or a risotto rice)washed well.
460g cold water
1 cup of Sushi seasoning, or rice wine with a little sugar added

Place rice and water in TMX bowl and cook for 10 mins., Varoma temp. Reverse gentle.
Stand in bowl for 15 mins.
Tip onto a flat tray or dish and gently turn over, breaking up any small lumps and adding the sushi seasoning.
Leave to cool.

For this amount of rice I used-
1 large avocado
1 Lebanese cucumber
8 sheets of nori (sea weed sheets)
100g. pack of smoked salmon
Part of a tube of Wasabi

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Persian Fruit Salad

Persian fruit Salad

This Fruit Salad is made with dried fruit, soaked in an apricot 'sauce', flavored with both Orange blossom and Rose blossom waters. It can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. It can be used as a dessert or on breakfast cereal. The Orange and Rose Blossom waters can be purchased from Middle Eastern shops or Turkish shops.

100g Dried Apricots.
250g cold water
450g mixed dried fruit, I used apricots,peaches, pears, figs , plus.
10/15 prunes
Further 1 ltr. cold water
2 Tablespoons of both Orange and Rose Blossom water ,(not essence)
!/2 cup of almonds

Zap dried apricots in TMX ,speed 7 for 7 seconds.
Add 250mls of cold water and cook for 10 mins. at 100o, speed 1.
Zap 7 seconds on speed 7 or until a thick sauce is formed.
Add 1 litre of cold water, dried fruit and prunes, Rose and Orange waters.
Mix, reverse 10 seconds, on speed 5,
Pour into a container and keep for at least 12 hours.
Stir in almonds after soaking period.

Don't be tempted to sweeten until after the soaking period.

10 serves, can be served with cream, yogurt or plain.

Monday, November 22, 2010



David Herbert, loves his Naan and I do too. It is nice to try a converted recipe, and have it work the first time. It is simple, no long list of ingredients and no complicated method. TMX handles all that.

500g bread flour. I used Laucke Crusty White Mix.
1 teaspoon salt, if not using mix.
7g. dried yeast
300mls warm water
2 Tablespoons of plain yogurt.
1 Tablespoon of Vegetable oil, I used Rice Bran oil

Set oven to 230c. (I used fan assist). Place heavy metal tray in oven to heat.

Add all ingredients to TMX bowl and knead on bread setting for 4 mins.
Leave in bowl and place in warm spot for 30 mins or until it doubles.
Turn dough out on to well floured mat, flatten and roll into long sausage. Cut into 5 pieces , for large naan or 8 pieces for smaller ones.

Working with 2 pieces at a time, roll and stretch until 5mm. thick.
Brush with oil, (can be flavored with garlic) and sprinkle with sesame seeds or herbs.
Place on hot oven sheet and cook for 10 mins until a bit puffed and light brown on top.
Remove from oven and wrap on clean tea towel.
Repeat until all are cooked.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halva Flapjacks

Halva Flapjacks

Dan Lepard calls these fudgy, oaty delights. I have to agree with him. These are an unusual slice with a not too sweet but flavorsome taste. They contain Tahini and you could well use TMX made sweetened condensed milk. (I did).

Monday, November 8, 2010

Suggestions for packaging KFC coating, as a gift

Suggestions for packaging KFC as a gift.

See recipe for both mixes in earlier posts

I have been giving interested friends a parcel of KFC chicken coating to try. This meant slightly different instructions to those who don't have TMX.

I make up a small packet that contains 2 small plastic containers and some simple instructions. This includes the weight in grams.
The plastic containers were bought from a catering shop.

The instructions below, you may wish to print off, to enclose with the 2 mixes.

Coating for Chicken----1/2 to 1 k of chicken

Mix Number 1 (15g.) powder with 1 1/4 cups of buttermilk or thinned yogurt.
Cover chicken with this mix and soak for 1 hour or up to 1 day.

Mix Number 2 (36g) powder with 2 cups of plain flour
1 Tablespoon of baking powder.
2 tablespoons of Buttermilk, ( you may need to add a bit more)
Mix with fingers until small lumps form, (little smaller than a pea)

Drain chicken leaving some buttermilk on chicken. Dip in flour mix. Make sure it is well coated.
Shallow fry in oil, (I use Rice Bran Oil), until lightly brown, finish off in oven 175c, 15 to 20 moms.

You can continue to cook on top of stove if you wish.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cantucci (hazelnut biscuits)

Cantucci (hazelnut biscuits)

These are the double cooked biscuits that are so nice dunked into coffee. The recipe was originally in last month's Delicious magazine. Unless eaten, they keep very well!!! It is supposed to make 50 but I made only 33. I think I cut them too thick.

Preheat the oven to 190c ff

300g. raw sugar
rind from 1 orange, removed with a potato peeler.
4 eggs, plus 3 extra egg yolks
500g. plain flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
200g. roasted Hazelnuts, skin removed.

Place sugar and orange rind into TMX bowl, zap until sugar is powdered and orange rind is fine.
Insert BUTTERFLY and add 3 eggs and the extra yolks, beat speed 4 for 10 mins.
While this is beating place the flour, baking powder and hazelnuts into a large bowl, and mix.
Pour the beaten mix into the flour etc. and stir with a large spoon until incorporated.
Form mix into 2 logs on a lined oven tray.(28cm. x 6cm.).
Beat remaining egg and brush over logs.
Bake for 20 mins, or until golden and firm.

Leave to cool for 5 mins.Then cut into 1 cm thick slices. on the diagonal.

Lay slices flat on 2 wire trays, bake for 5 mins, remove from oven, turn slices over, return to over for a further 5 mins.
Turn oven off and leave the oven door ajar. The biscuits should be dry and golden.

When completely cold, store in an air tight container.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Asparagus is in season at the moment and cheap in the shops. This soup is based upon the Cream of Celery Soup, that I posted earlier. The process is similar except the tips are steamed in the Varoma and added later to the finished soup. It makes 6 to 8 serves.

Place in TMX bowl
3 cups of water
2 sticks of celery
18 sticks of asparagus, about as thick as your small finger. Snapped of woody end, and discarded.
Tips sliced off and placed in Varoma. Remaining sticks sliced into 2cm. lengths.
1 small potato, peeled and cut into chunks.
1 small carrot, peeled and cut into chunks.
1/2 small onion, peeled and cut in half.
2 teaspoons of salt

Cook 20 mins., 100, speed gentle, with Varoma on top containing asparagus tips.

While this is cooking make the Roux.

1 generous Tablespoon Butter
1 generous Tablespoon of flour
3 cups of milk
1/8 teaspoon of white pepper

Melt Butter in saucepan, stir in flour and cook for a few mins.
Gradually add milk and cook for 5 mins.

Remove Varoma and keep aside.
Zap the vegetables in the Bowl, holding a tea towel on lid, and moving speed gently from 1 to 10 for 1 min.

Add milk, mix 10 seconds speed 1.

serve,garnished with reserved Asparagus tips and croutons if desired.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bottled fruit, using the Microwave

I have been using this process for about 20 years. The advantages are.....
1. A small amount of fruit can be processed at any time.
2. Fruit that is blemished or past its use by date , can be saved.
3. It is especially suited to families where there are 2/3 people.
4. It is inexpensive to do.
5. It doesn't take up valuable freezer space.

Following are 5 stages in pictures and comments. A little practice will result in fast preserving and a ready supply of bottled fruit.

I keep all jars that have the small white rubber ring inside the lid. Especially those that are 1 or 2 cup size. With practice you can do 3 or 4 jars at a time, providing they are all the same size. Just multiply the time by the number of jars.

step 1

Step 2

To sterilize jar, place 2 cm. water in jar and sit lid on, DON'T screw down lid. cook in Microwave for 2 mins.

Step 2

Step 3

Tip out water, fill with sliced apple, pushing down firmly. Add 2/3 cm of fresh water.

Step 3

step 4

Place lid on but don't screw down tight, just give a 1/2 twist to hold lid in place.

step 4

Step 5

Cook in microwave, from 3 to 6 mins., depending on size of bottle and power of Microwave. When water has boiled up inside jar, cooking he fruit, and a little has oozed out of under lid then it is ready. Remove from Microwave with a cloth and screw on lid tightly. Stand on bench to cool down. When cool wash in hot soapy water to remove any sticky liquid that has oozed out.

Step 5

Apricot Custard Rolls

Apricot Custard Rolls

This is a classic Greek pastry with a twist. The recipe is from Dan Lepard, via The Guardian Newspaper, and adapted to the TMX. It serves 6, (12 rolls), and can be made ahead. Although very easy, would be suited to a sophisticated dinner party.
It is a variation of the Greek galaktoboureko.

400g milk
1 large egg
25g semolina
1 heaped teaspoon of corn flour
175g caster sugar
125g dried Apricots.
75g butter or Rice Bran oil spray
6 sheets of filo pastry
Flaked almonds
juice of 1/2 a large lemon
Seeds from 3 green Cardamon pods
1 to 2 Tablespoons of Rose water, (not essence)


Place Apricots in TMX bowl and press TURBO 3 times, until small pieces are formed, NOT paste
Set aside and scrape out bowl
Place in bowl, milk, egg , semolina.cornflour and 25g of sugar, Zap for 7 seconds, speed 5.
Cook,7 mins/100 /speed 2.
Add apricots and stir in, 5 sec./speed2.
Pour into a large flat plate to cool.

If using butter, melt on stove.

Set oven to 190 ff

Take a sheet of Filo with long side facing you. Brush with butter or spray with oil. Place another sheet on top.
Cut into 4 even strips. That is from front to back.
Take 1 generous Tablespoon of Apricot mix and place on short edge and roll up. Make sure that no mixture pokes out the end.
Place on lined oven tray.
Repeat until you have 12 rolls on tray. It may help to divide the mixture into 12 before you start to roll

Brush with butter or spray with oil when all rolls are on tray.
Sprinkle with Almonds, and spray again.

Bake 25 to 30 mins, until the rolls are light brown

While rolls are cooking , make syrup.
In a saucepan on the stove, boil together for 1 minute , sugar , cardamon seeds,lemon juice and 75 mls of water. Leave to cool and then add rose water.

When rolls are cooked, place into a serving dish with a small edge. Pour over syrup
Serve at room temperature.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Golden Syrup Pudding.

With the TMX, this is tasty, cheap and easy. The inspiration came from the good people at, ourkitchen.fischerpaykel.com It serves 6, but if you like a lot of sauce, then double the sauce recipe and place in a larger baking dish. Sorry no photo at present, as we gobbled it all up.

1 1/4 cups of flour
1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder
25 g. butter
1/4 cup of milk
Finely grated zest of 1/2 lemon
1/4 cup of water

3 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup
25g. butter
2 Tablespoons of sugar
1 cup of water

1 Tablespoon of brown sugar
2 Tablespoons of chopped nuts. (I used almonds)

Preheat oven 190c.

Add flour and baking powder to TMX bowl and zap for a few seconds.
Add first measure of butter and zap for a few seconds until it looks like crumbs.
Add milk, lemon zest and water, and on REVERSE mix until it comes together
Scrape out of TMX bowl into greased baking dish. Doesn't have to be even.
Wash out TMX bowl.
In TMX bowl add Golden Syrup, butter , water and sugar, cook for 10 mins at 100, speed 1.Do NOT add topping yet) Pour syrup over mix in baking dish.
Pop into oven.
Cook for 5 to 10 mins., or until sponge rises up over sauce.
Remove from oven and sprinkle with brown sugar and chopped nuts. Return to oven.

Total cooking time is 30 mins.

Serve with milk or cream.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eccles Cakes

Eccles Cakes

I combined two recipes to make these tasty little morsels. I used the Sour Cream pastry recipe from the Forum Thermomix cite, and Delia Smiths' mother's recipe , for the filling and method.

Set oven 220c.

Sour Cream Pastry...adapted from Maggie Beer's recipe by Meganjane.

Process in TMX for a few seconds,(until it looks like Breadcrumbs)
200g chilled butter
250 plain flour, then add
120g sour cream (1/2 cup), process for a few seconds on speed 3/4.until crumbly.
Tip out onto a floured board and pull it together. Chill for 20 mins.


75g butter
150g soft brown sugar
150g currents
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of freshly grated nutmeg
grated rind of 1 large orange
50g chopped mixed peel

To finish off


Place sugar and rind (removed with vegetable peeler) into TMX bowl and zap speed 7 for 10 seconds.
Add softened butter and cream 3 mins. on speed 4. scrape down sides.
Add rest of ingredients and incorporate on REVERSE, with aid of spatula. Speed 4 for 1 min.

Roll out pastry until thin
Cut into 24 circles with scone cutter, (8cm)
Place 1 teaspoon of filling in center of circle.
with milk, brush around 1/2 of circle.
Pull sides together.
Then the 2 ends to enclose the filling.
Turn the parcel over and lightly press the parcel to about 1/2 cm. thick.
Place on lined baking tray, and repeat until all the filling is used up.
Brush with milk , sprinkle with sugar and make 3 slashes with a sharp knife across the surface of each cake.

Bake for 15 mins. or until golden brown.

Makes 24.

Any left over pastry can be frozen.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Honey Snap Biscuits.

These are similar to the Malt biscuits. I made 36 Biscuits for less than $2! They are crisp and have a nice Honey flavor.

130g. butter.
90g. raw sugar.Plus extra.
1 rounded Tablespoon of honey.
1 rounded Tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk.
1 cup of S.R. flour.

Set oven 180c. FF

Place sugar in bowl and grind to a fine powder, about 1 min. on speed 7. Scrape down sides.
Add softened butter, and cream 4 mins at speed 3. Scrape down sides.
Add condensed milk and honey, speed 3 , 2 mins.
Add flour, and mix on REVERSE, speed 3 for 30 seconds.

Using a small icecream scoop, (3cm.) put small mounds onto lined baking trays.
With a glass with a flat base, dip glass into sugar and then onto each Biscuit.

If you wish, you can press an almond in to each biscuit.

Bake 15 mins. Cool on trays for 5 mins and then on wire rack.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Malt Biscuits

Malt Biscuits

I made these between baking 2 loaves of bread. They are quick, easy and tasty. The recipe was on a scrap of paper that was torn out of the Age several years ago. It has Gail Thomas's name on it.

125g. butter
90g. raw sugar, and extra for topping.
1 Tablespoon malt extract, liquid.
1Tablespoon sweetened condensed milk.
1 cup S.R. flour
90g of sultanas if you wish. (I left these out as I wanted a very plain biscuit )

Set oven for 180c, FF

Place raw sugar in bowl of TMX and zap to make like caster sugar.
Add softened butter, and cream 4 mins. on speed 3, scrape down bowl.
Add milk and malt and mix, speed 3 , 2 mins.
Tip in flour and on REVERSE mix for 30 seconds.

Using a small icecream scoop,(2 1/2cm.) or a teaspoon, place small mounds on to lined baking trays. (makes 28)
With a glass with a flat base dip base into extra sugar and lightly press on to each biscuit.

Bake for 15 mins. Cool on tray for 5 mins. and then on wire rack.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

KFC coating , revisited

I have previously posted a recipe for KFC coating for Chicken. This revised version, has a much crunchier coating, and a more spicy flavor. It could also be used for pork or seafood. A further possibility is that it can be shallow fried or shallow fried and finished off in the oven. An advantage for me is that I can use the buttermilk which is a by-product from making butter. The method for getting a better coating was inspired by "Cook's Illustrated", magazine. The spices used, I experimented with to get a mix that I liked. Feel free to experiment

There are 4 steps

1. Soak chicken in Buttermilk mix
2. Make spice mix
3. Make flour mix
4. Cook in pan on stove top for breast OR in fan for short time and then in oven for the pieces.

This list looks extensive, but makes enough for several coatings, Keep in an air tight container.

All measurements are in Australian Tablespoons. 20g or 2/3oz.

1 Tablespoon White pepper
3 " Black pepper corns
2 " Salt
1 " dried Greek Oregano
1/2 " of each - cumin, cardamon, cloves, nutmeg,
pepper flakes, paprika, garlic powder, allspice,celery seed.
Place all in TMX bowl and zap on 7/8/9 until a fine powder. Set aside.

2 cups of plain flour
2 Rounded Tablespoons of spice mix
2 Tablespoon of buttermilk.
1 tablespoon of Baking Powder
Mix together with fingers until small lumps form.

Chicken...Use skinless chicken breast sliced into flat slices about 1cm. thick. OR USE
Pieces with skin and bones in, or a whole chicken cut into 8 pieces.
(skinless chicken can be used but will be a little dryer.)

Buttermilk.....1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups . Mixed with 1/2 Tablespoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, pinch of Cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, 1 teaspoon of paprika. In a glass or plastic bowl, pour this mix over the Chicken and place in fridge for from 1 hour to overnight.

Dip into lumpy flour mix and fry in oil, (I used rice bran oil) over medium heat, until lightly brown for pieces and place in oven to finish cooking. 15 to 20 mins. @ 175c. Or for ......
Skinless breast pieces, dip into lumpy flour mix and shallow fry until golden, turn and cook other side.

For GF coating, replace flour with 1/2 corn flour and 1/2 potato flour.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Magic Cooking Products

Magic Cooking Products

I recently bought a pack of tin liners. The pack contained 1 square tin liner, 1 round tin , 1 loaf tin liner and 6 muffin pan liners. They cost about $30. They are similar to tray liners that I have been using for about 15 years. I think they are well worth the investment. I have bought several packs and will split them up and give to people will individual needs. Contact Julie on 0438 7768 99

Milk and Honey Bread

Milk and Honey Bread

With the purchase of the TMX last year, I thought that I would get over my obsession for Cook books. Fortunately/ unfortunately this has not happened. My latest is 'Earth to Table, Seasonal recipes from an Organic Farm'. By Jeff Crump and Bettina Schorman.
Bettina is a passionate bread baker. In this book is a recipe that I just had to try. I have halved the recipe to make just 1 loaf It is a slightly sweet loaf with a very fine crumb. Kids love it.

460 g. bread flour.
1 teaspoon salt. ( I don't add this as I use Laucke premix )
1 teaspoon of dry instant yeast.
250g milk
40g honey
Olive oil spray or melted butter to brush on loaf before baking.

Place all(except oil/butter) into TMX bowl and knead for 5 mins.
Leave in TMX bowl until double, could take up to 2 hours because of little yeast.
Form into loaf and place in bread tin. Spray with water and place in warm place to double. Don't cut slashes in top.
Brush top with butter or spray with olive oil.

Bake in preheated oven. 200/220c for 20/ 30 mins. remove from tin and cook for 5/10 mins. out of tin on shelf to brown the bottom.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rustic Bread from the Agrarian Kitchen.

Rustic Bread from the Agrarian Kitchen.

At the Agrarian Kitchen, we all made a loaf of bread which was cooked in the wood fired oven. We took the loaf home. Rodney had started the pre-ferment the previous day, and we carried on with the process. I wasn't sure how the recipe would convert as we all spent a good 20 mins. slapping the dough down on the stainless steel bench. I shouldn't have worried as you can see by the result. It is truly amazing what a very small amount of yeast and sufficient time will do to raise the dough.

Begin the pre-ferment the day before

In the TMX bowl mix
450g bread flour, (I used Laucke premix)
270g warm water
1 1/2 teaspoon of salt, (not if using premix)
1/8 teaspoon of dried yeast

Knead for 1 min. on knead setting.
Leave in TMX bowl and place in a warm place for 12/16 hours.(over night)

Final dough

Sit bowl back on base and add the following ingredients, It will look very full but will settle down once kneading starts.
270g bread flour
90g rye flour
90g wholemeal flour
355g. warm water
8g salt, (not if premix is used)
1/2 teaspoon dried yeast.

Knead for 5 mins.
on bread/dough setting.
Tip out of TMX bowl into a large bowl that has been oiled, and cover with plastic.
Let sit for 2/3 hours, knocking it down after 50 mins.
When it has doubled, turn out on to silmat and knead by hand for 1 to 2 mins. Form into shape required to fit tin, which should be oiled or lined.
Place in bread tin or large cast iron casserole, cover with plastic and let rise for 1 to 1 1/2 hours until doubled.

Preheat oven to 220/230c, cover bread with foil formed into a tent over bread, or cover casserole with lid.
Cook for 30mins. turning bread around after 15 mins.
Remove cover and cook for another 20 mins., turning after 10 mins.

Test to see it is cooked by tapping on the base, it should sound hollow.
If not cooked , return to oven without tin, for 10 more mins.
Cool on wire rack.

You can make 1/2 mix, reduce cooking time to 30/40 mins in total.
If you wish to grind your own rye and wholemeal flour, do it before you start the premix, and set aside for the next day.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Salad Dressing /Rodney Dunn

On Saturday 28th. August 2010, I attended The Agrarian Kitchen for a cooking class. Several of the recipes are suitable for conversion to the TMX. Rodney Dunn 'borrowed' this recipe from Jamie Oliver. It was used to dress a salad of Salsify roots and mixed salad greens. I think you could replace the salsify with parsnip.

Salad for 10 serves

2kg. salsify roots, or (parsnips)
200g. salad greens
1/2 cup of chopped almonds

300g milk
6 cloves of garlic peeled
3 anchovy fillets
2 Tablespoons of white wine Vinegar
120 g. extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

Cook the salsify in boiling water until tender, rub off skin with fingers, OR peel parsnip and slice and steam in Varoma until cooked.

Place milk , garlic and anchovies in TMX bowl and cook for 10 mins on varoma, or until garlic is soft.

Add wine, oil and mustard to bowl and zap until garlic is incorporated into mixture.Speed 7 for 10 seconds.

Place in jug, cover and put in fridge to use as a salad dressing.

Dry fry the almonds until roasted, Put aside.

Mix Salsify/parsnip with greens and dress with dressing. Sprinkle with almonds.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Flavored Mayonnaise

On a recent holiday in South Australia, I noticed some "gourmet' Mayonnaise. I like the texture and taste of the EDC Mayonnaise, so thought these additions would be interesting. When I make the EDC recipe I use 2/3's Rice Bran oil and 1/3 olive oil. This mild flavor lends itself to other flavors.


(1) Wasabi

(2) Dill

(3) Coriander, lime(rind and Juice), chilli

(4) Cucumber and capers

When I make Mayonnaise, I leave a little in the bowl and add 1/2 an avocado It will keep in the fridge for a couple of days without discoloring. Makes a good dip and is nice on toast.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Self Saucing Banana Butterscotch Pudding.

Self Saucing Banana Butterscotch Pudding.

I was looking for a hot pud that the Grandchildren and adults would like. I found this recipe in the June/July 2010 "Dish", publication. This pud has a nice balance between the Banana, sultanas and orange rind. No one flavor dominates the other. It is also very easy to make in the TMX.

Heat oven to 180c.

1 banana sliced into the bottom of a 6 cup oven- proof dish.

Into TMX bowl place 1/3 cup of BROWN SUGAR and RIND OF 1 ORANGE. Zap 10 sec. on speed 7
Zap 10 seconds on speed 7.
Add 190g S.R. FLOUR, 1/2 teaspoon of CARDAMON, 50g SULTANAS.
Mix on bread function for 20 secs. Check to see that all is combined.

Pour over sliced Banana in dish.


Pour this over the pudding. If poured over a spoon, it will not make a hole in the pud.

Cook in preheated oven 180c for about 40 mins. Test to see that center is cooked.

TIP. Cook in a flat dish as the crust is particularly nice.

Serve with cream or icecream.

English Muffins with Sour Dough

English Muffins with Sour Dough

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

English Muffins with Sour Dough

These were just the best fun to make, but then most bread is, (says this Bread tragic).
You need to start these the previous day. You do all the mixing in the TMX., pat and cut the dough out like scones, let rise again and then cook in a heavy based frying pan.Oh, I nearly forgot, split them and toast, top with something gooey, like poached egg or honey/jam on top of butter.

Sponge ingredients.

110g of sour dough starter
260g. white bread flour, or a mix of what you like.
275g. warm milk.

Final dough ingredients

200g flour
3/4 teaspoon of salt, (I didn't use any as I used a bread pre-mix)
1 teaspoon carb soda
1 1/2 teaspoons of honey

Combine all sponge ingredients in TMX bowl, mix 4 mins. on dough setting.
Leave in bowl and sit in a warm place over night.
Next morning, ( when the sponge has doubled and there bubbles on the top), add the final ingredients.
Mix on dough setting for 8 mins. ( it may be still a bit sticky)
Tip out on to floured work bench and pat to a thickness of 1/4 to 1/2 inch, (about 1 cm.). cut into rounds 3 or 4 inches,(8 to 10 cm.). Place these on to a baking sheet lined with baking paper or silicon sheet. spray with water and cover. Let rise for 45 to 60 mins.
Heat a large, tick based frying pan, (I put a diffuser under the pan) and heat to moderate. Lightly spray pan with oil, (I use rice bran oil).
Cook for a total of 15 mins. Cover pan for first 5 mins, and continue to turn the muffins ever few mins.
Cool on a wire rack.

To split the muffins, run a knife around the edge, and then use a fork to separate the 2 halves. This provides the lovely nooks and crannies which fill with butter when toasted.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chinese Lasagna

Chinese Lasagna

Using the Fresh Rice Noodle recipe from the previous post, put aside 9 round sheets. Make the filling in the TMX and layer with the rice sheets. The rest of the sheets can be cut into noodles for stir fries. When I made the Chinese Lasagna I had kept the rice noodle sheets for 4 days in the fridge in a zip lock bag. I placed then in a flat dish and poured boiling water over them, to make for easy handling.


500g. minced pork and veal, ( could use chicken or vegetarian alternative)
1 onion
1 large clove garlic, 20 g. oil.
1 generous teaspoon full of green ginger
! dessertspoon full of each of the following, fish sauce, sweet chilli sauce, Char Sui sauce, soy sauce.
1 large tin of Water Chestnuts, 567g.
3/4 cup of hand sliced green onion tops
1/2 cup of hand chopped fresh coriander.

For topping

1 dessertspoon of each of the following, fish sauce, sweet chilli sauce, Char Sui sauce, soy sauce.


Drop onion, garlic and ginger on to rotating blades, speed 5 for 6 seconds. Scrape down sides.
Add oil and cook for 5 mins. on 100.
Put temperature up to Varoma and add meat, cook for 5 mins on reverse, speed 1.
Add sauces and continue on reverse, Varoma temp, speed 1, 2 mins.
Set aside in large dish, no need to wash bowl.
Strain water chestnuts and add to bowl. Zap 2 seconds speed 5. Add to meat mixture.
Add green onion and coriander to mixture and stir by hand to combine.

Place an oven bag or silmat into top layer of Varoma.
Lay 3 rice noodles (pancakes), onto liner and cover with 1/2 the meat mixture.
Lay 3 more pancakes on top and cover with next 1/2 of mixture.
Cover with remaining 3 pancakes.
Place topping mixture in a jug ,stir then pour over the top of lasagna.
3/4 fill TMX bowl with hot water
Set on Varoma Temp., speed 1, and steam for 20 mins.

If you wish the prepared Lasagna can be refrigerated, ( place a dish underneath to catch any drips)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fresh rice noodles

Fresh rice noodles

Yes they do work Grin Grin Grin Grin Any one who now has long grain rice and water and a TMX and 2 20cm. (8 inch ), sponge tins can make fresh rice noodles.

Soak 1 1/2 cups of long grain rice in 1 1/2 cups of water over night, OR( grind 1 1/2 cups of long grain rice for 1 1/2 mins. speed 10 in TMX.) The soaked rice and water should be blended for 2 mins., speed 9. Pour into a jug.

3/4 fill TMX bowl with warm water and set Varoma temp for 10 mins on speed 1. (it should boil in about 5 mins.)
While water is heating, lightly spray the 2 sponge tins with oil, (I used rice bran oil). Place Varoma on top of machine. Place 1 tin on top of Varoma to heat. After about 2 mins. pour in enough batter to form a thin coat over base of warm tin .

When the water boils, set the time for 5 mins, place tin on top rack of Varoma and cover with lid. Steam for 5 mins, speed 1.

While this is steaming, Pour the batter into the next tin and tip the tin to cover the base. Sit this tin on top of the Varoma cover while the one inside is cooking. This sets the next lot of batter a little.

When the 5 mins. are up, remove tin and set aside to cool. Meanwhile place the partially set tin in the Varoma and steam for 5 mins.

After about 2 mins. the cooling batter, (now a disk), is ready to remove. Using a spatula, ease the rice disk out of the tin, and place on a wire rack to complete cooling. Wash the tin and dry and spray ready for next lot of batter. Do this immediately and follow the same process of sitting on top of Varoma.

I made 12 rice disks, and would think that, cut into noddles, 1 disk would make 1 serve.
In the photo I have cut some thin and some thick. I understand they will keep for 2 days in fridge, and can be frozen.
It is important to have a very flat base to the tin in which you steam the noodles.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

CreamPuff63's Choux Pastry

CreamPuff63's Choux Pastry

This recipe, from CreamPuff63, of Forum Thermomix, is absolutely incredible. I have asked her for permission to publish it here for two reasons. Firstly I am afraid that I will lose it, and secondly to make it available to more TMX users. Thank you CP63.

60g. butter
270g water
150g plain flour
3 eggs, beaten

Preheat oven to 220c
Place water and butter in TMX bowl and cook, 5 1/2 mins. at 100, speed 2.
Add flour and mix for 30 sec. on speed 4. or untill pastry comes away from the sides of the bowl.
Spread mixture up the sides of the bowl with spatula and cool for approximately 5 mins.
Once the mixture is cool (may have to put the bowl in the fridge for 3 mins. ), add beaten egg one at a time over a period of 30 to 50 seconds. Speed 5.
Either pipe mixture or place teaspoons full on to greased trays ( I used baking paper).
Bake in hot oven (220), for 10 mins. Then reduce heat to 180 to 200(I used 190), and bake for another 20 to 30 mins. Until GOLDEN AND CRISP.
Remove from oven and make a small slit in the side, return to the oven with the door ajar and the heat turned off.

I used FF as my oven is a bit cool.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Containers used in Varoma

Containers used in Varoma

I have collected a number of different containers, to hold food, when using the Varoma. I also use oven bags. The largest Pyrex container is 7 cups. The containers without lids I cover with Glad Wrap. Most of the small dishes will fit 4 into the Varoma, although the very small ones will fit 6 or 8.
The egg ring I place under most of the large dishes to allow the steam to circulate. The pink stringy thing is called a " food loop". I use it under the larger dishes as the egg ring is too thick and the lid will not sit down.
I have other 'oven to table', dishes that I also use. I don't use plastic as I often brown the food after it is steamed.
The most expensive Pyrex container, with lid was $20.
I use 2 books when I want ideas, TMX Full Steam Ahead, and Brigid Treloar's ' Steaming'.

I have also pictured the small TMX food warmer. Although I haven't used it for steaming
I have been told that it is good, however you would need to block the small hole that is in the lid.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Linzer Torte Biscuits

Linzer Torte Biscuits

While on Holiday in South Australia recently, I noticed that Cardamon was the spice flavor of the month. This reminded me that I have a yummy biscuit recipe with Cardamon that I have been meaning to convert to Thermomix. The Thermomix proved to simplify the process, and it makes about 40 biscuits.

180g. plain flour
240g. sugar
240g. butter (melted)
2 egg yolks
60g. ground almonds
Grated rind and juice of 1 medium sized lemon
Red jam
2 generous teaspoonfulls of ground Cardamon

Remove the rind from the lemon with a vegetable peeler and drop on to the blades set at speed 7, for 10 seconds.
Add melted butter, yolks and lemon juice and zap speed 5 for 5 seconds.
Add rest of the ingredients and zap, 20 seconds, speed 7

Scrape into bowl and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
Set oven at 160c. FF

Roll out about 1/4 of the mixture at a time to about 1/2 cm. thick. Cut into rectangles about 5/6 cm. by 3cm., ( I vary the size) I use the Thermo mat sprinkled with flour.
When ready for the oven, on the oven baking sheet ,dribble red jam down the center of each biscuit. I use plum and raspberry jam, and put it in a plastic sauce bottle with a small hole in the top.

Bake at 160c. FF for 15 to 20 minutes.

When cooked,biscuits should be brown around edges, let sit for 5 minutes to set up.
Then transfer to a wire cooling rack to cool completely.

This recipe would also make an exsellent tart shell.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beef Tagine with Quince Paste

Beef Tagine with Quince Paste

This recipe, is not so much converted from Maggie Beer's recipe, Beef Tagine with Spiced Pear Paste, but inspired by it. I made the Ras- el- hanout, and the Quince Paste, so it is quite different from the original recipe, and of course I adapted it to the Thermomix. If you wish to make this Tagine but have no Quince paste, you could substitute Apricot or another stone fruit jam. Probably 1 Tablespoon full.

1 and 1/2 kg. Blade steak, cut into 2/3 cm. cubes
1 rounded Tablespoon of Ras-el-hanout
1 large brown onion, peeled and 1/4ed.
3/4 cloves of garlic, peeled
4 threads of Saffron, (optional)
EVO and 200mls, beef stock.
24 dried apricots
18 large prunes, pitted
1/4 cup of Verjuice, or white wine
100 g. Quince Paste, cut into 1 cm. cubes
1/2 cup of roasted almonds
Parsley to garnish

In a bowl mix the cubed steak with the Ras-el-hanout and let stand for 1 hour.
Put the Apricots, Prunes and Verjuice in a bowl which will fit the varoma.
Drop the onion and garlic on to the moving blades of the TMX, speed 5, until chopped.
Add 20mls. EVO and scrape down sides, and then cook for 5 mins. at 100 speed 1.
Add beef and beef stock and Quince paste.
Cook 40 mins.,at 100, on REVERSE and soft speed.
Place Varoma on top with dish containing Apricots ,Prunes and Verjuice and stir occasionally to help the fruit absorb the liquid.
After 40 mins. test the meat for tenderness. It should NOT be falling to pieces.
(Mine usually takes 45 mins)
When cooked, add the contents of the Varoma dish and continue to cook for 1 min, 100, speed soft reverse.

This can be served immediately, left in the Thermoserver, or kept until the next day and reheated in the oven or Microwave.

Serve with almonds, parsley , rice, and green salad or cooked vegies.
If eating straight away , vegies can be cooked around the dish in the Varoma.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Berry Shaker Quaker Pudding

Berry Shaker Quaker Pudding

This light hot Pudding, with the interesting name, is based on the 18th. century Quaking puddings. The mixture separates gently as it bakes, producing a souffled topping, creamy set custard in the middle, and a fruit studded sauce at the bottom. A shallow baking dish, such as a lasagne or gratin dish is suitable.

400g - 500g either mixed or single variety of berries
1 Tablespoon of fruit vinegar, apple is OK.
15g. butter to coat the dish
400mls. milk
3 large or 4 small eggs
50g. caster sugar
45g. plain flour
1 dessert spoon of cornflour,

Separate eggs.
Place in TMX bowl, egg yolks. milk, caster sugar and plain flour. Zap on speed 5 for 10 seconds. Set aside in bowl.
In buttered dish, place berries and allow to defrost, sprinkle over the vinegar and the cornflour, stir gently .
In a large bowl beat the egg whites until firm peaks form.
Gently pour over 1/4 of the batter from the TMX bowl and gently fold in, tip in the rest of the batter.
Pour the batter over the berries.

Bake in an oven at 190c. for 35 mins. or until the batter is puffy, golden and firm to touch.
Serve hot with cream.

If you use frozen berries, let them defrost before pouring the batter over.

Makes 4 generous serves.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Macadamia and Honey Tart

This Tart is for special occasions. However it is very easy to make, and can be made the day before required. Although the nuts are expensive, it does cut into 10 to 12 serves. It costs about $1.50 a serve.

8 sheets of Filo pastry
Rice Bran oil spray or butter(80g)

150g butter, cut into cubes
100mls. honey
40g. sugar
60g. cream

3 Tablespoons of Mandarine rind

250g. unsalted, raw Macadamia nuts
200g. slivered almonds

Set oven to 160c. ff
Prepare a 23cm. fluted flan tin, with a removable base, by spraying with oil .
Line the tin with Filo, spraying between every second sheet.
Trim edges of Filo with scissors.
Place rind of 2 mandarines into bowl and zap for 3 sec. on speed 7. set aside and wash bowl.

Into TMX bowl place, butter,sugar, honey and cream. Heat and simmer for 3 mins. by setting 8 mins., Varoma, speed 1.
Add 3 Tablespoons of the grated mandarine rind and cook for 1 min.Varoma, speed 1.
Add nuts and fold through, reverse, 1 min.

Tip nut mixture into prepared flan tin, and smooth out the nuts.
Cook for 25 mins or until the top is a nice caramel colour.

I place a baking tray on the oven floor as some syrup may run over.
During the last 10 - 15 mins of cooking the mixture will bubble. This is O.K.

Serve as is or with thick cream and a strawberry.

Store in an air tight tin in fridge. Serve at room temp.

While the Tart is still warm, remove the fluted ring, but leave the base in place.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pear and Ginger Puddings

This is for those who like Ginger. The original recipe was for 8 individual puddings.
I made 1 large one and it will serve between 8 to 10 people. I have adapted it from a recipe on Taste.com.au. You could easily make 1/2.

4 or 5 medium sized pears, peeled ,cored and sliced, and cooked in a little water with a Tablespoon sugar. Or a 425g tin of pear halves, drained.
185g. unsalted butter, cubed.
3/4 cup of caster sugar
2 Tablespoons Golden Syrup
1 Tablespoon of ginger in syrup
3 eggs
100mls. milk
280g. self-raising flour

Set oven to 200c,

Place drained pears in large oven proof dish
Into TMX bowl place butter and sugar, golden syrup and ginger, mix 25 seconds on speed 5.
Scrape down sides of bowl and add eggs,mix 15 seconds on speed 5.
Add milk and mix 5 seconds on speed 5.
Add flour, mix on REVERSE, 30 seconds,speed 5, scrape down bowl and mix another 5 seconds on speed 5.

Pour over pears in dish.

For large pud. bake at 200c. for 20 mins, then lower heat to 160c. for 25 mins.
Test to see it is cooked in the center.

For small puds cook for 20 mins at 200c.

Pears could be replaced with apple or quince

Serve with cream or ice cream.
Can be frozen after cooking, reheated in microwave.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hummus with Coriander Goop

We are having a campaign of no waste. I am using as much home grown produce as possible. We have oodles of rhubarb, parsley, coriander,lemons,garlic, silverbeet, herbs of all sorts, lettuce and of course eggs. The coriander is about to go to seed so I thought I had better harvest it. Looking through the Master Chef magazine I noticed a recipe for 'Hummus and Coriander oil'. Hate the show, saw the first episode and will not watch any more, however the magazine is good value and I have marked 6 recipes to convert. I used the basis of the coriander oil, which I call ' GOOP', and my fav. recipe for Hummus which is Abla's. We don't like cumin in Hummus but you could add it if you wish.( 1/2 teaspoon ).


2 cups of cooked chickpeas. (could use tinned)
2 cloves of garlic
180g Tahini
80mls. lemon juice, (3 small lemons), save the rinds for the Goop.

Place all in TMX bowl and mix on speed 5/7 until a smooth paste is formed. You may need to add a little water if too thick.

You may wish to reduce the amount of garlic.

Coriander Goop

Into TMX bowl place,
150 of coriander leaves and stems, roughly chopped.
6 cloves of garlic
3 good pinches of chilli flakes
Rind of 2 lemons and 1 whole lemon, 1/4ed.
180 mls. extra virgin olive oil.

Zap until a rough paste is formed.

This makes 4 small containers of Goop, which can be frozen and later used in any recipe that calls for coriander and garlic, eg. top on pizza, pasta, soup, or in Indian patties or Felafel.

In this recipe, spread the Hummus onto a flat dish and swirl the Goop over the top.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Caramel apple pudding

Caramel apple pudding

With the temperature at about 5 degrees, it is time for nice hot puddings. This recipe, adapted for Thermomix, from one of "Taste.com.au", fits the bill nicely.

3 large golden delicious or Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and sliced.
125g. plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
125g. caster sugar
100mls. milk
70g. butter, melted
1 egg

100g. raw sugar
75mls. golden syrup
150mls. hot water

cream to serve

Preheat oven to 180c.
Lightly butter a 1.25 litre baking dish
Place apples in dish
Place into TMX bowl, egg, sugar and milk and zap for 15 seconds at speed 5.
Add butter, flour and baking powder. and mix, 30 seconds speed 4.
Spread mixture over apples, wash out bowl.
Put raw sugar, golden syrup and hot water into bowl and mix 3mins, varoma temp and speed 5 until mixture boils .
Pour over pudding batter in dish.
Cook 40 - 45 mins. and until brown on top. Test with skewer to see it is cooked.

Makes 4 generous serves

Monday, May 3, 2010

Poached and dried apples

Poached and dried apples

Every year, we are given lots of Apples, (the birds eat most of ours). I bottle some , pulp and freeze some and dry some. I also make apple jelly. Chef Michael Ryan, from Beechworth, Victoria, has published a recipe for poaching the apples in a syrup made from the peel and cores. The TMX has made this time consuming process quite simple .

1 tablespoon of lemon juice
4 very large apples, or 5 medium sized apples.
1 cup caster sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Peel and core the apples, saving the peel and cores and placing them in the TMX bowl with 1 cup of water and the caster sugar and vanilla essence. Cook for 12 mins,. 100c., and speed 1.
While the peel and cores are cooking, cut the apple into thin slices and place in a dish of water, to which the lemon juice has been added.
When the peel and cores are cooked, place towel over lid and slowly turn dial from 1 to 9, for 1 min.
Pour this mixture, with an additional cup of water , into a large pan on the stove.
Heat the mixture, and add the drained apple slices to the pan.
Gently simmer until the slices are just tender and slightly translucent.
Allow apples to cool in Syrup.
Remove and either dry in a dehydrator for 10 hours, or place slices on baking trays, lined with baking paper, and dry in an oven at 100c for 2-3 hours, or until golden and crisp.

Michael Ryan serves these with Creme Catalan. I will add them to breakfast cereal.

The remaining cooking syrup I used as a base for berry jam.

Jam Drop Biscuits

Jam Drop biscuits, with Quince paste centers

Jam Drop Biscuits

Instead of jam, I used Quince Paste in the center of each biscuit. It was less messy and held its shape.

125 softened butter
3/4 cup of sugar
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 eggs
1 1/4 cups of plain flour
1/4 cup of cornflour
1/2 cup of desiccated coconut
Jam or fruit paste for filling.

Preheat oven to 180c. and prepare baking trays with baking paper.
Place butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla in TMX bowl and mix for 30 seconds at speed 6.
Add flours and coconut and mix, 30 seconds at speed 6. Scrape down bowl and mix for further 10 seconds, speed 6.

Roll into small balls, ( I use a small ice cream scoop ), and place on trays.
Press a dent on the center and place a small cube of paste or a small teaspoon full of jam in the center.
Bake 15 mins. and cool on trays.

Makes 30 - 35

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Roast Vegetable Bread - 2 versions

Savory Loaf, above. Sweet Rolls, without fruit, below.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Roast Vegetable Bread - 2 versions

This recipe is a composite of 2 recipes. The first person who introduced me to using cold (left over ) roast vegies was Andrew Masterson, who provided a recipe in"The Good Life Bread Book". An Earth Garden Publication. The second recipe was provided by Warren (UnConundrum), from the Forum. His recipe is called 'Sweet Potato Rolls'. The first version is a sweet bread, which can be adapted for rolls, a plait, or a fruit loaf

225g milk
100g honey
200g. cold roast sweet potato, or/ and pumpkin, and/or potato .
500g. bread flour, ( I use Laucke white mix). If you don't use a mix, then add 10g. salt.
!/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg
3 teaspoons of instant yeast
170g of dried fruit of choice, optional

Place milk and honey in TMX bowl and mix
1 min., heat 50, speed 2.
Add cold roast vegies.( no skin ), and mix speed 5 for 2 mins., or until well blended.
Add flour, yeast and spices and knead 5 mins on interval.
Add fruit if using and knead for 1 min. on interval.
Either leave dough in TMX bowl or turn out into an oiled dish and cover with plastic.
Leave for about 1 hour in a warm spot, to double
When doubled, form into rolls, loaf, or plait. Spray with water and cover with plastic.
Leave to double. THIS MAY TAKE UP TO 1 HOUR.
Brush top with egg wash.
Bake in preheated oven 185c for 20 mins for rolls, 45 mins in tin and 35mins. out of tin, on its side in oven, for sweet loaf. Savory loaf, 40 mins in tin, and 15 mins out of tin on its side in oven.

Savory Version

Same as above except-

1 teaspoon of honey instead of 100g
20g. olive oil or coconut oil
no spices or fruit, but can add up to 50g. of seeds or grains or herbs.

The colour of the bread will depend on which vegies are used.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sour Dough Loaf - Basic

Sour Dough Loaf - Basic

Sour Dough Loaf - Basic

This loaf is rather special, it is made from a culture that sat on the kitchen bench for 3 days. During this time it wasn't fed or stirred. I did this as I want to post some culture to a friend, who lives in South Australia. I needed to know that the culture would survive the trip. So after 3 days I followed the following process to make a loaf. The result is in the pictures above. The only difference that I noticed was that the 2nd. rise in the cooking dish, took a bit longer. It is also important that the 1st. 1/2 hour of cooking is in a covered dish.

220g Warm filtered water
250g bread mix (I use Laucke), if just flour add 2 teaspoons of both salt and sugar.
Additional 300g flour, to be added later
220 Sour Dough culture, should be the consistency of thick pancake mix

When culture arrives by post, pour into a large glass jar with lid.
Immediately feed with 1/2 cup of bread flour and 1/2 cup of filtered water. stir until smooth. Leave at room temp and feed for the next 2 days. ( 3 days ) This will activate the culture. If you don't wish to make bread the next day, put the lid on and refrigerate. Feed weekly.
If you wish to make bread immediately, remove the amount of culture required, feed the culture ( in the jar again and leave at room temp for a couple of hours before refrigerating.)

Add the above ingredients ( except the additional flour to the TMX bowl and knead at interval for 5 mins. Leave in bowl or tip into a container to prove for 18 hours. (I usually do this mixing at 4.00pm, and then it can prove over night and be ready at 10.00am. next day. The dough will be very wet and should be covered with plastic while it rises. It should almost double.
Next day, at 10.00am, Knead for 2 mins in TMX, adding the additional flour.
Tip onto Thermo mat and fold dough over several times. It is messy getting it out of the bowl.Add more flour to make handling easier.
Prepare baking dish. It should be one with lid, or dough formed on baking sheet so that a lid can be placed over it, and allowing it to grow to 3 times what you have formed. It is wise to oil and line, with baking paper , the dish.
Sit covered dish, with plastic, in a warm spot for it to double. This may take up to 4 hours, depending on temp of room.
Preheat oven to 220.
Spray bread with water or egg wash and then put lid on bread and into oven.
Cook for 30 mins. with lid on, remove lid and cook for a further 30 mins.

This gives a large loaf, but 1/2 mix can be made
If a cooking container with lid is not available, then a 'tent' of foil can be placed over the dough. It is not as good as a lid, but does keep some steam in to give a final 'bounce'
This bread freezes very well.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Novel Apple Pud.

Novel Apple Pud.

This recipe has been a favorite in our family for years. Aunty Glad would make it and we would line up for seconds. I like it with cream, but others like it with ice cream. This recipe is really improved by making in the Thermomix as the mixing of the flour, sugar and butter, before adding the water is important. This allows a smooth sauce to develop around the apple rings.

4 cooking apples, peeled, cored and cut into thick rings (3 from each apple)
3/4 cup of sugar
1 Tablespoon of butter
2 Tablespoons of Self Raising flour
1 cup of cold water.

Place apple rings into a baking dish in a single layer.

Place sugar, flour and butter into TMX bowl and zap on speed 7 for 20 seconds.
Add water and mix
, speed 7 for 10 seconds.
Pour over apple rings.

Bake in oven, 200 until light brown on top and a jelly forms around apple rings.

If the apples are extra large, prepare in the same manner, but double the sauce.