Monday, September 23, 2013

Turkey, some foodie ideas. Non TMX

 Carrot and Zucchini with Yoghurt, well sampled.!!!

Baked mushrooms.
Cut stems of flush with caps.
Coat with olive oil and a little fresh thyme.
Pack tightly into a baking dish.
Roast in hot oven for 20 minutes.
The mushrooms will shrink and intensify the flavor.
Can be served as part of a meal or as a canape.

At a service station we were served Goat  Yoghurt drizzled with local honey and sprinkled with poppy seeds.

At the Raikia  Resturant on top of the Marmara Hotel
Ribbons of Zucchini and carrot,  salted.  Drained.  Served with thick yoghurt with dill added. A slick of chilli infused olive oil was added around the dish.
One medium carrot and one medium Zucchini is enough for 2 serves.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Turkish Bread , Dinner Rolls

These rolls were served with a meal I enjoyed in Istanbul.    The recipe is the same as my 'Turkish Pide, garlic Flavored". The shaping is different and the size is suitable to serve with soup, (the larger 10cm. ones), or the smaller ones as Dinner rolls.  (7cm.)
Because the dough is sticky,  it is easy to handle if kneaded in the TMX.

For the dough.

7g. instant yeast
350 mls. warm milk
450 gs. Bread flour
1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of sugar. (I used bread mix so didn't add these.)
1 Tablespoon of good olive oil.

For the topping.

6 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup of olive oil
Zap in TMX to make an oily paste. This can be done in bowl when dough is resting for 15 mins.

Set oven at 230C, place dish of water in bottom of oven.

Mix all dough ingredients together in TMX and knead for 5 mins.
Leave in bowl and set in warm place to double. I will fill the bowl.
Will take about 30 mins.
Place bowl back on TMX and knead for 2 mins.
Turn out on to lightly floured silmat. It is very sticky and floured hands necessary.
Knead lightly and divide into 2 balls. leave on bench for 15 mins. covered with damp towel.
Prepare oven sheet with non stick mat.
Take one ball of dough and stretch as long as possible. ( you are going to cut 9 x 10 cm. discs)
Place on lined tray and mark each disc with 2 marks each way.  (look at photo)
brush with garlic oil, or plain olive oil,  spray with water and let rise for 15 minutes,  in a warm place.
While they are rising, stretch the other piece of dough and then cut 15 x 7 cm. discs.
Place on lined baking tray, brush with oil and let rise.
Bake large rolls for 15 mins or until they are slightly brown around edges.
Bake small rolls for 10 and until brown around edges.
Brush with Garlic oil again or spray with olive oil when out of oven.
I tend to under cook slightly as they will be reheated .
Can be frozen and reheated.
Can be filled with salad or served with dips.