Friday, June 25, 2010

Berry Shaker Quaker Pudding

Berry Shaker Quaker Pudding

This light hot Pudding, with the interesting name, is based on the 18th. century Quaking puddings. The mixture separates gently as it bakes, producing a souffled topping, creamy set custard in the middle, and a fruit studded sauce at the bottom. A shallow baking dish, such as a lasagne or gratin dish is suitable.

400g - 500g either mixed or single variety of berries
1 Tablespoon of fruit vinegar, apple is OK.
15g. butter to coat the dish
400mls. milk
3 large or 4 small eggs
50g. caster sugar
45g. plain flour
1 dessert spoon of cornflour,

Separate eggs.
Place in TMX bowl, egg yolks. milk, caster sugar and plain flour. Zap on speed 5 for 10 seconds. Set aside in bowl.
In buttered dish, place berries and allow to defrost, sprinkle over the vinegar and the cornflour, stir gently .
In a large bowl beat the egg whites until firm peaks form.
Gently pour over 1/4 of the batter from the TMX bowl and gently fold in, tip in the rest of the batter.
Pour the batter over the berries.

Bake in an oven at 190c. for 35 mins. or until the batter is puffy, golden and firm to touch.
Serve hot with cream.

If you use frozen berries, let them defrost before pouring the batter over.

Makes 4 generous serves.