Monday, October 12, 2020

Sicilian Orange Cake

 Easy, moist and adaptable.  Have a slice with a cuppa or as Pud with thinned Marmalade and ice cream. 

Instead of citrus, add unpeeled apples, or other fruit. Iced or not, up to you. 

Adapted to TMX from a recipe by

The citrus is not cooked. 

The pith of the Orange tends to be a little bitter.  I used a large Mandarine which has very little pith.  I think Meyer Lemons would also be suitable as they have thin skin and not much pith. 

I made 3. 14 x 5 cm.  


250 g caster sugar, (I used Raw)

100 g butter, softened 

3 eggs

100g yoghurt 

275g plain flour

2 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

1 large Orange, chopped, seeds removed. ( about 300 g). I used a Murrcott  Mandarin )


Set oven at 350 degrees

Add chopped Orange to TMX bowl and chop 5 seconds, speed 6

Scrape out into a dish. ( no need to wash bowl)

Add sugar and butter to bowl and mix, 1 minute, speed 4, scrape down.

Add eggs, mix 1 minute, speed 4, scrape down

Add yogurt, and save Orange mix, mix, 30 seconds, speed 4

Add flour and baking powder, mix 20 seconds, speed 4. 

Pour into a lined baking tin.  Time will depend upon size and shape of tin. 

8 inch spring form round tin, approximately 50 to 60 minutes

3, 14 x 5 cm paper containers, 20 minutes. 

Made 15 cupcakes. Bake 20 minutes, 150 degrees. Serve as cupcakes with cream cheese icing, or as single serve puddings with Marmalade sauce and cream. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Shokupan, Japanese Milk Bread made in Bread Machine.

 I have adapted the recipe to bake a small loaf ( SEE BELOW FOR LARGE LOAF) in the Bread Machine. The texture is not quite as soft as baked in the oven but certainly a nice loaf.   (. The second Loaf I baked on a different setting was just as soft as that baked in the oven.   See notes a bottom of recipe)   Would be very handy to prepare for visitors as just set and forget.  Also releases oven for other baking. 

Make the Yudane at least 6 hours prior to making loaf. 


Into a small bowl weigh 70 g bread flour.

Add 55 g of boiling water and stir with a fork to form a ball.

Cover with plastic and stand at room temperature, over night, or for between 6 and 24 hours.


Next day in this order

Add Yudane to bread machine

Add 200mls warm milk, about 30 degrees C

4g dried yeast

7g sugar

300g bread flour

1 teaspoon bread improver

3 g salt

15 g butter

Set machine for small white loaf, regular baking time. Dark crust. 


It is best to weigh the small amounts of ingredients on digital scales. 

The above sliced loaf was cut while warm. 

Best on fast white program, and top brown option.



Yudane. , mixed day prior to making loaf

125g flour

62 g boiling water.

Mixed with  fork to form a ball. Cover with plastic and stand at room temperature over night.


187 g Yudane

300 mls warm milk

6 g yeast

10g sugar

450 g bread flour 

1 1/2 teaspoons improver

4g salt

22 g butter

Set machine for medium size loaf, dark crust, rapid bake. 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Wholemeal Japanese Milk Bread ,Shokupan

 I was wondering if it was possible to make a healthier version of this delightful bread.  I had some plain Wholemeal flour, NOT bread flour. This recipe is equally soft and keeps that way for about 5 days. As the flour is not ‘hard’ bread flour I have added bread improver and a little extra yeast. Every thing else is the same. Again I have made the recipe to fit the Jumbo Bread tin with a sliding lid.  ( see previous recipe for measurements). You could make a small loaf by making 1/3 of the ingredients and ever place a baking tin on top of a loaf tin to give a flat top.  However it does freeze extremely well if wrapped in foil. 


Yudane, to be made the night prior to making bread. ( mixed and kept in covered dish, anywhere between 6 hours and 24 hours)

135g Bread/ Bakers flour

110 g boiling water

Weigh into TMX bowl, mix 20 seconds/ speed 4


600g of Plain Wholemeal flour, ( cost about $2 a kilo)

400g warm milk, 30 degrees C.

15g sugar

5 g salt

12 g instant yeast

12g bread Improver

30g soft butter

Topping, egg wash or seeds


Use digital scales to weigh sugar, salt, yeast and improver. 

Add these to Yudane, flour and warm milk to TMX bowl and knead 4 minutes.

Add butter and knead for further 2 minutes. 

Tip into an oiled dish and cover with plastic, allow to double in a warm place. 

Tip onto lightly floured bench and form in to 3 even balls. Stretch the dough over firmly and pinch underneath. 

Set oven at 170 degrees.

Cover and allow to rise to double in a warm place. 

Bake 35 minutes with lid on.

Bake 10/ 15 minutes with lid off. 

Cool on rack. 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Salted honey and tahini shortbread biscuits.

 Very easy and unusual. Perfect with a cup of coffee.   An Adam Liaw recipe adapted to TMX. 


Set oven to 150 C. FF

200g butter , room temperature 

80 g raw castor sugar

70g soft brown sugar

125 g honey. 

125 g tahini 

300g plain flour

 Teaspoon baking powder

Flaked salt


Cream butter and both sugars in TM bowl, 1 minute, speed 4, scrape down. 

Add honey and tahini, mix, 1 minute, speed 4

Add flour, sprinkle baking powder and salt over top of flour, mix 30 seconds, Speed 4. Scrape down , mix 10 seconds, speed 4

Using a dessertspoons or 5 cm spring loaded icecream scoop, place 12  rounds on lined baking sheet. 

Press lightly with finger and sprinkle with a small amount of flaked salt.

Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes. Should be Very light Brown on edges. 

Let setup on baking tray for 5 minutes. Remove on to wire rack. 

Makes 30.