Sunday, January 31, 2016

Meyer Lemon Sauce

Perhaps this should be called RAW Lemon Sauce!
2 large Meyer Lemons, 1/4 and seeds removed.,
2 dessert spoons of simple syrup. ( 1/2 cup each sugar and water boiled for 3 minutes)

Place lemons and sugar syrup into TMX and mix, speed 10 for 1 minute. 
Scrape down and mix again speed 7 for 1 minute. 

Will keep for 2 days. 
I am serving this with Veroma steamed Salmon , grilled Semolina wedges and salad from the garden.
Could be thinned with a little olive oil and a bit of honey , use as a salad dressing. 

This was adaped to TMX from a recipe in Epicurious .

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cauliflower and Kohlrabi Mash

This recipe is for people watching their carb count.
Cauliflower has 1.9 carbs per 100g.
Kohlrabi has 4.2 carbs per 100g.
Compared with potato that has 12.3 carbs per 100 g.


Medium size head of cauliflower, cut into chunk
1 large Kohlrabi peeled and cut into 2 cm dice.
1 heaped table spoon of Greek yogurt.
1 dessertspoon of grated horseradish
Salt and pepper to taste
2 x 1/4 cups of chives

Place 1 litres of water in TMX bowl and set 30 minutes, speed 4, varoma temperature.
Place Varoma dish on TMX and add Kohlrabi and Cauliflower. Steam until soft.( Kohlrabi takes longer than Cauliflower to steam.)
When soft, tip out water and add Cauliflower and kohlrabi to bowl with yogurt, horseradish and salt and pepper.
Mash on speed 7 until a creamy mash.
Add 1/4 cup of chives and fold in at speed 4.
Place into serving dish and sprinkle remaining chives over top.

I used home grown horseradish. Bought ok. ( I think grain mustard would also be ok)
Finished dish can be reheated in Microwave.
Very good substitute for mashed potato , pasta or rice.
I served it with crumbed Chicken fillets and salad.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stir Fry Mix, Garlic ,Ginger and Onion

This year I panted 44 Garlic cloves.  I have just harvested them and have processed most for use during the year. Most i have frozen whole vacuum packed, some i minced in the TMX and froze in snack size packs, and some i combined with Ginger and onion to use as a base in Stir Fry.

Place equal amounts of Garlic, green ginger and brown onion in TMX bowl , with a splash of olive oil, and chop on speed 7 for 5 seconds or to your liking.. 
I only roughly peel ginger and chop it into discs. 
Peel and 1/4 onion. 
Place in snack bags, excluding air. Label and freeze flat.
Snap off the amount required for stir fry. 
I buy the ginger when it is cheap and freeze it or preserve it in Vodka. 
Change proportions to suit taste.