Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meyer Lemon butter

Meyer Lemons grow in our cool climate,  provided they are in the warmest spot we can provide.  This is next to a large stone wall. We have chooks so it is easy to make Lemon Butter in the TMX.  Meyer lemons are not as strong in lemon flavor as normal lemons so i have adapted Tenina's recipe to give a strong lemon flavor.This makes 2  1/2 large jars.


200g butter, diced into cubes.
zest of 3 lemons,  removed with vegetable peeler
130g of lemon juice measured into TMX bowl, (I used 5 lemons)
4 eggs and 2 egg yolk

300g sugar

Place sugar and zest into TMX bowl and zap 20 seconds/sp 7.
Add eggs and juice and mix, 20 seconds/ sp7
Add butter
Mix and cook, 5 mins/sp2, 80 .degrees
then 5 mins/ sp 3. 90 degrees
Pour into sterile jars.
Store in fridge.

Tested in both TMX 31 and 5

Bill Granger's Cinnamon Snail Rolls, A LEMON VERSION.

This is the original conversion.
JulieO's recipe conversion of this recipe,  would have to be one of my all time favorites.
Today, at Bakers Delight they were promoting a snail roll,  with a lemon butter filling, and a blob of cream cheese on top as a soft icing.  I bought one, not quite $2,  to try.  I was a medium cup cake size.  Julie's recipe would make 24 of these.

I intend to make some of these for Xmas.  I will follow this recipe but will do the following.

leave out the fruit and brown sugar and Cinnamon
Brush the dough with butter,  before applying the filling
Use Tenina's Lemon curd for filling
Place cupcake paper cups into a cupcake tin,  before placing uncooked scrolls into tin.
The scrolls will need to be 1/2 size

Mix some icing sugar with Philly Cream Cheese,  and a little lemon juice. Spread over cooled scrolls. These can be frozen in their uncooked state.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sour Dough Fruit Bread

Sour Dough Fruit Bread,  for breakfast,  one of the true pleasures of life.

There is a lot of useful discussion on making Sour Dough Bread on forumthermomix .

To a basic mix using 500/600g of flour, add 300g of dried fruit , 120g of walnuts., and 40g of Walnut oil.    After first rise, knead in by hand,  the fruit, walnuts and oil.
Rise again in tin.
Bake for 1 hour at 200 o C

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Roast Pumpkin and Wattle Seed Bread

Everyone raved about the Pumpkin and Wattle Seed bread that we enjoyed with our Bush Tucker lunch while on our bus tour,  in WA. All were members of forumthermomix
I think that this is pretty close to the texture and taste.  Hope you enjoy it. 

200g of cold or warm roasted Pumpkin, ( choose a bright orange pumpkin)
300/350 g warm water, this depends on the amount of moisture in pumpkin.
3 dessertspoons of ground Wattle Seeds
550 of Bakers ( bread) flour
1 teaspoon of both ground coriander and cumin
1/2 teaspoon of coarsely ground black pepper
2 1/2 teaspoons of dry yeast
Pumpkin and Nigella seeds ( black cumin ) for crust.

Place pumpkin and 50 g of water and blend on speed 7 for 5 seconds,  scrape down.
Add all dry ingredients and 1/2 remaining water.
Knead for 4 minutes,  adding more water to make a soft dough.
Rise in bowl , in warm place,  until it fills the bowl.
Sit back on base and Knead for 2 more minutes.
Tip out onto floured silmat and shape free form or place in lined tin..
Spray with water, slash top and scatter with seeds.
Cover with plastic and let rise to at least double.
Bake in oven, 200/220 o. C. , with bowl of water in bottom.  30 mins., turning 1/2 way through.Remove from tin and lay on side!  Bake a further 10 mins.
Cool on rack

The dough will be a bit sticky because of the pumpkin. 
If you can't buy the Wattle seeds,  make it without but increase the pepper to 1 teaspoon.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Narelle's Thin and Crispy Pizza base.

This is a delightful  recipe for a Thin and Crispy base for a pizza.  The bonus is that there is no waiting time and can be used immediately.  I have doubled the recipe and simplified the process.  This will make 6 medium Pizza bases.

 Into TMX bowl Place,

340mls of warm water
10g.  or 3 heaped teaspoons of dried yeast
520g bakers flour,  ( I use Laucke Crusty White Mix)
If not using a Mix,  add 1 teaspoon of each ,  sugar and salt.
Knead for 2  mins.
Tip out on to lightly floured Silmat and with plastic scraper cut into 6 peices
If rolled onto baking paper ,  it will make handling easy.

I cooked these with popping in an electric Pizza Machine   each took 5 mins.
Narelle published this recipe in forumthermomix.com

The Middle Eastern Topping is published in     Chookies' Farmers 'Market      (Blog)