Monday, June 4, 2012

Meyer Lemon Tarts

This is a very basic recipe .  All you need are Lemons, eggs ,sugar and puff pastry.
Meyer Lemons are very suited to this recipe as they are mild in taste and have thin skins.
4 Meyer lemons , 1/4 and pips removed
250g of sugar
4 + 1 eggs
About 4/5 sheets of Puff Pastry.  (number depends on what you make.)

Start the day before
Put lemons in TMX and press Turbo Button until they are chopped , but not pulped,(I pressed 3 times)
Add sugar and stir on reverse for 5 seconds.
Pour into a plastic container and store over night in fridge.
Next day
Beat eggs in TMX for 10 seconds/speed 4
Add lemon/sugar mixture, mix for 5 seconds
Line tart dishes or muffin cases with puff pastry, spoon in mixture to 3/4 fill.
Either leave uncovered or cover with pastry tops, brush with egg wash, and bake in hot preheated oven (200 o C)
Stand 5/7 minutes and remove while still warm to wire rack to cool.

Can be frozen and reheated,  or cooled and reheated.
Serve with cream.