Monday, December 6, 2010

Rice for Sushi rolls

This amount of rice, when cooked will make 16 Sushi Rolls, sometimes called California Rolls.

400g. rice. (can use Japanese rice 'Nishiki' or a risotto rice)washed well.
460g cold water
1 cup of Sushi seasoning, or rice wine with a little sugar added

Place rice and water in TMX bowl and cook for 10 mins., Varoma temp. Reverse gentle.
Stand in bowl for 15 mins.
Tip onto a flat tray or dish and gently turn over, breaking up any small lumps and adding the sushi seasoning.
Leave to cool.

For this amount of rice I used-
1 large avocado
1 Lebanese cucumber
8 sheets of nori (sea weed sheets)
100g. pack of smoked salmon
Part of a tube of Wasabi


Tebasile said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I cooked the sushi rice today your way. How easy was that :-).

Thank you,

maczek said...

I have to try this recipe as I hate cooking sushi rice in a pot.

PS. Why do you use smoked salmon? The fresh raw salmon is way better and tender.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it had the consistency but all the rice was chopped in half & slightly uncooked.