Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brioche Bun

This savoury recipe can be made into buns or a loaf.  It can be made sweet by adding some honey or a tablespoon of sugar. The original recipe is from Paul Hollywoods book, Bread. I have converted it to TMX. It is particually suited to the TMX as it is a very rich soft dough. 
The buns freeze very well.
I made 8 large buns, and 6 smaller ones. 
It cost 30 cents for the ingredients for each bun. 

500g bread flour. (I used Laucke crusty white bread mix)
1 teaspoon salt if not using mix. 
10 g dry yeast
170g warm milk
4 medium size eggs, plus 1 extra for the egg wash mixed with 1 dessertspoon milk.
250g butter, room temperature, cut into 5 slices.

Set oven to 180 C

Add 4 eggs and warm milk , mix 5 seconds/ speed 5.
Add flour, knead for 5 minutes adding 1/5 of butter each minute. 
Set aside or leave in bowl to double.
Generously flour a sill at and tip dough on to it. 
Flour top and gently press onto a round shape, 1 1/2 cm thick.
Select a cutter the size required and cut circles of dough . 
Place carefully on a tray(s)  covered with baking paper, brush with egg wash. Cover with plastic and allow to almost double. 
Brush again with egg wash and bake for 10 minutes.
Cool on wire rack. 

Because the dough was so soft I placed the large buns in crumpet rings.  However I feel this is not really necessary as they rise quickly holding their shape. 
There are a multitude of fillings that are suited. 
Crab, or lobster, on grilled bun coated with mayo, few slices of Spanish red onion and lettuce. 
Heated or grilled bun with coleslaw and chicken schnitzel. 
Heated bun with mayo, avo and schnitzel. 
Used for French bread
As hamburger or hot dog rolls.