Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Garlicky, Garlicky Bread Plait

If you like garlic , you will love this bread. It is easy , light with a crunchy crust, and would feed 20 when pulled apart and served with a meal. The garlic is cooked in the butter, (or oil), and the cooked garlic is added to the dough. The garlic flavored butter is brushed on during baking.You could form any shape you wish, rolls , bread sticks or pull- aparts. Because the dough is soft and silky, it is probably not suited to a loaf.

Set oven to 220 -250o, place dish of water in bottom of oven.

10 cloves of garlic, or 10 teaspoons of minced garlic , bought.
100g. unsalted butter.
300 mls. warm water
500gs. flour. 250g plain (all purpose Flour) and 250g bread flour.
2 teaspoons of dried yeast

Scrape down bowl if chopping fresh garlic.
Chop garlic in TMX. or add 10 teaspoons of pre prepared to bowl.
Add 1 dessertspoon of butter(or 3 teaspoons), and 1 teaspoonful of water to bowl and cook butter and garlic at 100o, soft speed for 10 mins.
Add remaining butter and stand for 10 mins.
Strain garlic from butter. retain both.
No need to wash bowl
Place flour, yeast and water in bowl with 1 dessertspoon of the infused butter, and knead on bread setting for 4 mins.
Add strained garlic to bowl and knead for 30 seconds.
Place in warm spot to double. Can leave in Bowl.
Turn out on to floured bench and lightly knead .
Form into required shape, brush with infused butter, and let double again.
Cook for 10 mins, and brush with butter again.
Turn tray, place back in oven for further 5-10 mins. should be lightly brown.
Remove from oven and turn plaits over. cook another 5 -10 mins until bottom is brown. can brush any remaining butter over bottom.

Care must be taken when turning bread over as it is still very soft.

This can be made the day before required, up to the stage where the bread is formed into shape. Cover and place in fridge. Next day remove from fridge , let return to room temp, (about 30 mins.) and then double in size. then continue with method.

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