Saturday, September 4, 2010

Milk and Honey Bread

With the purchase of the TMX last year, I thought that I would get over my obsession for Cook books. Fortunately/ unfortunately this has not happened. My latest is 'Earth to Table, Seasonal recipes from an Organic Farm'. By Jeff Crump and Bettina Schorman.
Bettina is a passionate bread baker. In this book is a recipe that I just had to try. I have halved the recipe to make just 1 loaf It is a slightly sweet loaf with a very fine crumb. Kids love it.

460 g. bread flour.
1 teaspoon salt. ( I don't add this as I use Laucke premix )
1 teaspoon of dry instant yeast.
250g milk
40g honey
Olive oil spray or melted butter to brush on loaf before baking.

Place all(except oil/butter) into TMX bowl and knead for 5 mins.
Leave in TMX bowl until double, could take up to 2 hours because of little yeast.
Form into loaf and place in bread tin. Spray with water and place in warm place to double. Don't cut slashes in top.
Brush top with butter or spray with olive oil.

Bake in preheated oven. 200/220c for 20/ 30 mins. remove from tin and cook for 5/10 mins. out of tin on shelf to brown the bottom.

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J said...

Yum! This looks like a winner. My kids are sick of the buckwheat/spelt etc. I will have a go. Thanks for the TMX conversion.