Saturday, August 7, 2010

Containers used in Varoma

I have collected a number of different containers, to hold food, when using the Varoma. I also use oven bags. The largest Pyrex container is 7 cups. The containers without lids I cover with Glad Wrap. Most of the small dishes will fit 4 into the Varoma, although the very small ones will fit 6 or 8.
The egg ring I place under most of the large dishes to allow the steam to circulate. The pink stringy thing is called a " food loop". I use it under the larger dishes as the egg ring is too thick and the lid will not sit down.
I have other 'oven to table', dishes that I also use. I don't use plastic as I often brown the food after it is steamed.
The most expensive Pyrex container, with lid was $20.
I use 2 books when I want ideas, TMX Full Steam Ahead, and Brigid Treloar's ' Steaming'.

I have also pictured the small TMX food warmer. Although I haven't used it for steaming
I have been told that it is good, however you would need to block the small hole that is in the lid.

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