Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fluffy rice

Fluffy Rice served with Garlic Prawns.

This rice is NOT cooked in the basket, and it is not moist like Risotto. It is cooked in the bowl, and the water is absorbed into the rice. It is fluffy. If you were cooking Indian rice with , onion, ginger and garlic and spices, cooked in the bowl in oil, this method would be perfect. You would not have to tip out the ingredients, but simply add the rice and continue.


Weigh 250g rice into bowl
Pour 480g BOILING water on to rice
Cook 4-5 mins. on Varoma,reverse gentle, that is until the water and rice boil.
Turn off, and place a tea towel over top. Leave for 25 mins
Fluff with fork.

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