Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stir Fry Mix, Garlic ,Ginger and Onion

This year I panted 44 Garlic cloves.  I have just harvested them and have processed most for use during the year. Most i have frozen whole vacuum packed, some i minced in the TMX and froze in snack size packs, and some i combined with Ginger and onion to use as a base in Stir Fry.

Place equal amounts of Garlic, green ginger and brown onion in TMX bowl , with a splash of olive oil, and chop on speed 7 for 5 seconds or to your liking.. 
I only roughly peel ginger and chop it into discs. 
Peel and 1/4 onion. 
Place in snack bags, excluding air. Label and freeze flat.
Snap off the amount required for stir fry. 
I buy the ginger when it is cheap and freeze it or preserve it in Vodka. 
Change proportions to suit taste. 

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