Monday, February 20, 2012

Dan's Gluten Free Loaf.

Until now , I haven't had much luck making Gluten Free bread. i have made this for a friend and it looks good. I might have known and should have gone straight to Dan Lepard. He really is a wonderful reliable baker. This recipe has been adapted from his recipe in 'Short and Sweet' for the TMX.

20g Soya flour
50g potato flour
300g corn flour ( I used white Wings)
25g Psylliam husk powder
2 generous teaspoons of dried yeast
1 teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoons of vinegar
15 mls of EVOO, plus extra for handling the dough
2 Tablespoons of plain Yoghurt
325 mls of warm water
30 mls of milk

Put everything in TMX bowl , keeping yeast away from salt
Knead for 1 min.(It will look very sloppy)
Leave in Bowl of TMX until double. (about 1 hour)
Line 19cm tin with baking paper.
Roll dough and place seam side down in tin.
Place in a warm spot and leave for 90 mins.
DURING LAST 20 mins SET OVEN TO 240 C , OR 220 FF.
As the loaf will not rise in the oven, it is important to have a hot oven.
Bake 50 mins for a large loaf , 35 mins for 2 small loaves.
Remove to wire rack and cover with a cloth to keep crust soft.

Will keep for 2/3 days and can be frozen.

I think it is important that the small amounts are weighed accurately. so use digital scales'

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Daffodil said...

I feel the same about baking gluten free bread. From purchasing GF quite a few times, it has left me uninspired about baking it. You are right your bread LOOKS good, and if the texture is there, I may just have to give it go.

For now, spelt has been meeting my bready needs.