Sunday, November 1, 2009

lemon and carrot marmalade

350g lemons
100g carrots
5oog water
sugar(the amount of sugar will be 3/4 of the above)
1 Tbls of lemon juice and Pectin if necessary.


remove pips from lemon, chop carrot, place in TM bowl,zap on speed 7for 4/5 seconds.
[adjust time to produce a fine/course cut]

add water and lemon juice and cook at 100 for 30 minutes on reverse at speed 1/1 1/2

take note of level of cooked mixture on marks on TM bowl and add 3/4 of this amount in sugar.Add 2 teaspoons of pectin, (jamsetta)

cook at 100 for 15 minutes on reverse speed 1 1/2, then Varoma for 5 mins., until mixture jells.

bottle in sterilized jars, screw on lids and turn upside down, for 5 minutes to. sterilize lids

note - pectin may be needed depending on type of lemon. 'jam setta, is quite good.

This will make a very tasty sweet marmalade,at little cost. can be used instead of mixed peel in cakes, at base of steamed puddings, poured over hot lemon cakes, and of course on toast for breakfast.


thepassionatecook said...

what an intriguing recipe... i have never tried a carrot jam/marmelade! sounds lovely though!

Thermomixer said...

Great little recipe - so simple and would have great colour too.

judy said...

Have made this one and an orange/carrot version too. It turned out too thick so, as advised by you, I tipped back into the TMX added some more water and cooked a little longer - perfect then. Not only do I have it on toast but I combine 1 cup of marmalade with 2 teaspoons sambal oelek, marinate 12 chicken legs overnight and bake them in the weber or oven for 45 minutes - lovely. Thanks Chookie.