Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chocolate delight sweets cold

Chocolate delight Sweets cold

It is difficult to believe that something so simple could be so delicious.

200g chocolate
1 tin evaporated milk [ light and creamy ]
2 teasp. gelatin
2 Tablsp. cold water

Soak gelatin in cold water to soften,
Break chocolate up and place in TM bowl, and zap to form a powder, scrape down sides,
Tip in milk, and heat at 70 for 4 mins. on speed reverse 2.
sit bowl containing gelatin over hot water to dissolve, then tip into TM bowl and mix on speed 7 for 20 seconds.
Pour in 6, 1/2 cup serving dishes [ 3/4 full ]

cover and place in frig over night or for at least 6 hours.
Eat from dish. Cream not necessary.

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Thermomixer said...

Hi Elizabeth

Should that be evaporated milk?

Have posted it on the forum - but think that you don't mean condensed milk?