Thursday, May 13, 2021

Diabetic Belgium Waffles, Rolled Oats Oats and Cashews

 These are mixed in the  TMX and cooked in a waffle machine.  The recipe is similar to the Pizzelle recipe but thinner so that it I’ll spread.  They are soft when cooked, so to crisp up, use a toaster or Air Fryer. A quick heating in a hot oven would also be good with the added benefit of heating several at the same time. 

The recipe makes 8 single Waffles or 4 serves.  Th freeze well. 

Into TMX bowl place 

1 1/2 cup of water

260 g Rolled  oats

50 g of unsalted Cashew nuts, raw or roasted. 

Grind 1 minute, speed 10. 

Swap down, mix agin 30 second, speed 10. 

Set aside. 

Heat waffle machine well, ( 10 minutes)

Time first waffle for 5 minutes. Increase time as needed 

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