Monday, October 12, 2020

Sicilian Orange Cake

 Easy, moist and adaptable.  Have a slice with a cuppa or as Pud with thinned Marmalade and ice cream. 

Instead of citrus, add unpeeled apples, or other fruit. Iced or not, up to you. 

Adapted to TMX from a recipe by

The citrus is not cooked. 

The pith of the Orange tends to be a little bitter.  I used a large Mandarine which has very little pith.  I think Meyer Lemons would also be suitable as they have thin skin and not much pith. 

I made 3. 14 x 5 cm.  


250 g caster sugar, (I used Raw)

100 g butter, softened 

3 eggs

100g yoghurt 

275g plain flour

2 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

1 large Orange, chopped, seeds removed. ( about 300 g). I used a Murrcott  Mandarin )


Set oven at 350 degrees

Add chopped Orange to TMX bowl and chop 5 seconds, speed 6

Scrape out into a dish. ( no need to wash bowl)

Add sugar and butter to bowl and mix, 1 minute, speed 4, scrape down.

Add eggs, mix 1 minute, speed 4, scrape down

Add yogurt, and save Orange mix, mix, 30 seconds, speed 4

Add flour and baking powder, mix 20 seconds, speed 4. 

Pour into a lined baking tin.  Time will depend upon size and shape of tin. 

8 inch spring form round tin, approximately 50 to 60 minutes

3, 14 x 5 cm paper containers, 20 minutes. 

Made 15 cupcakes. Bake 20 minutes, 150 degrees. Serve as cupcakes with cream cheese icing, or as single serve puddings with Marmalade sauce and cream. 

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