Sunday, May 3, 2020

Flavour Bombs.

Flavour Bombs are intensely flavour pastes and sauces that can be frozen and added to Chicken, Pork, Beef, Veal or Tofu.
They can be added to food to be cooked in Slow Cookers( Crock Pots), Tray Bakes, TMX or Casserole dish in oven.
Make in bulk and freeze according to number of serves.
As I test more generic flavours, I will add to the list.
Number 1, a simple Bomb
This makes enough for 4 large serves, ( I used 1/2 to make 2 serves)

1 Tablespoon each of Sweet Chilli sauce, Soy sauce, Maple Syrup,
1/2 Tablespoon TMX Veggie stock.
Mix together.

Add Chicken Thighs ( trimmed and cut in half) to Slow Cooker, add paste and stir. ( no liquid)
Turn pot on and select slow, medium or high , depending what suits your time frame.
Add mushrooms when chicken is nearly  cooked and peas when cooked.
Thicken with 2 teaspoons of Cornflour mixed with a little water.  .

Reheats well.

Serve with rice or mashed potato.

Flavour Bomb 2. A High Octane Bomb, used 3 ways.
Basic flavours with the addition of either, Stock Or Tomato Or Coconut milk. OR a mixture of liquids.  You decide.

This baked Chicken has Flavour Bomb, Coconut Milk, Diced Tomatoes and stock.

This vegetarian tray bake of Pumpkin has a Flavour Bomb and Diced Tomato added. Sweet potato, Carrot, Zucchini or Eggplant, or a mixture would be equally nice. I added chick peas and Meredith Feta.

You can use fresh or paste from a tube or jar.  No particular flavour dominates.  So add more of a particular flavour if you wish.
1 Dessertspoon of each
Red curry paste
Soy sauce

1 teaspoon of Chilli flakes

Zest and juice of a large fresh lime. 2 limes if small.

Mix all together and place in a small Zip lock bag. Freeze.

When require, remove amount suitable for quantity of veggies or protein.  Add stock, diced tomato or Coconut milk.

1 large Chicken, 1/2 Flavour Bomb, 1 tin of Coconut milk, 1 cup of stock.
Place chicken in baking pot with lid, pour mixed ingredients and bake covered 30 minutes. Hot oven.
Remove lid , baste and cook for further 30 minutes brown chicken.
Serve with carb of choice and green veggies or salad.
Because I used Organic Coconut milk it had the cream floating on top. I put the Flavour Bomb, coconut milk and stock in the TMX and cooked it at 100 degrees/ 10 minutes/ speed 2.
Then tipped over the chicken.
When cooked this will produce a mild flavoured sauce.  Do a taste test and if a stronger flavour is required, stir a bit more of the FB in.

Baked Pumpkin. Tray Bake
Chunks of pumpkin ( or other veggies ) pre roasted until nearly cooked.
Mix together  1/2 Flavour Bomb (  or less depending on quantity of veggies) with 1 tin of diced tomatoes and 1/2 tin stock.
Pour over veggies and bake until fully cooked. .
Mix raw veggies with FB and tomato mixture, cover with foil and bake until cooked.  Uncover and brown under grill.
I added a tin of chick peas to dish and served with Meredith Feta.

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