Friday, September 4, 2015

Low fat, low salt , soft kefir /butter spread.

I have been looking for interesting ways to use my Kefir without destroying the good bugs. I mostly strain the Kefir and the result is very like sour cream. In this recipe I add the Strained kefir to good quality salted butter and mix in TMX to a soft spread. From now on this will be the spread of choice.

250 g of butter at room temperature.
150 g Kefir strained to the consistency of Sour cream.

Place butter and Kefir in TMX Bowl and blend at speed 4, 45 degrees, 1 minute
Add butterfly and beat speed 4 , 45 degrees, for 1 minute or until creamy

Used as shown in photo it is very creamy.  When set up in fridge it is stiffer but still soft enough to spread easily.
I notice that some commercial Dairy soft spread has cream, water and Canola oil added.

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