Sunday, January 11, 2015

AC Spread

I am following the 5.2 Fast Diet and on 5 days I am using the recipes from the World's Best Diet.  The recipes are very interesting and this is one I have converted to TMX, to have on a thin slice of Sour Dough bread. It is delicious and very easy to make..
1 ripe Avacado, stone removed and scraped from skin.
100g dark chocolate, I used Lindt 70 %.
2 Tablespoons of natural Almonds
1 Tablespoon on pure floral Honey
1/2 lime juiced, I used lemon
Salt and Pepper

Place chocolate in TMX bowl and grind, to rough powder
Melt chocolate, 30 seconds, 50 0, speed 1.
Add almonds, mix 10 seconds, speed 7. scrape down bowl.
Add Avacado,Honey, juice and pinch of salt and Pepper.
Mix 10 seconds, speed 7.  scrape down
Mix again 10 seconds , speed 3.
Scrape into a container, seal and refrigerate.

10g (1 slightly heaped teaspoon) 30 calories.
Will keep for 1 week.
Because of the intense chocolate flavour,  very little is needed.

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