Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa Balls

The quality of ingredients is important.  Use the best you can afford. 

100 g Macadamian nuts, roasted best.
200 g milk chocolate, I used Lindt, but Cadburys cooking chocolate would be O K
2 Tablespoons of cream, 40 mils
400g Xmas pudding. Use a good one. Break into 2 cm cubes.
1 tablespoon of Brandy, rum or a liqueur that will complement the pudding.  I used Peach Brandy. 

300 g of extra chocolate to dip. 
Pen with white chocolate.  You can buy these at Supermarket.  Queen brand

Grind Macadamia nuts until the size of rice grain.  Set aside.  No need to wash bowl.                                                       
Add broken up chocolate to bowl and grind 10 seconds, speed 9. Scrape down and add cream. 
Heat at 50, speed 1 until chocolate is melted. 
Add nuts, pudding and liqueur to bowl and mix on reverse,  until all is incorporated but fruit in pudding is not cut up. 
Use a spatula to see that chocolate and nuts are well mixed through. 
Tip into a dish and refrigerate to firm up mixture. 
Use a 4 cm ice cream scoop to form balls and roll in hand. 
Return to fridge to chill.  This will make dipping in melted chocolate easy. 
When balls are well chilled,  dip in melted chocolate, drain well and place on cooking paper on lined tray. 
Decorate however you wish. 

Keep in container in fridge, but best served at room temperature. 
Makes 25
The bought ones cost $3 each. 
Inspiration for this recipe came from Exclusively Food and Nigella.  Of course adapted to TMX

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