Monday, April 16, 2012

Portuguese Custard Tarts.

DH says these are the best custard tarts that he has ever had. It must be the 2 full days I spent researching recipes. Thanks to the help by members of the Forum, I was able to work out what might be successfully converted to the TMX. The BIG question is, should they have just vanilla or should they be flavored with lemon zest and cinnamon. The ones I made today had vanilla and the ones I will make tomorrow will have the lemon zest and cinnamon. The Puff pastry I used was the frozen butter Puff Pastry from the Super market, but more importantly I used Bill Granger's method for making the cases.


3 egg yolks
115g caster sugar
2 Tablespoons of cornflour
230 mls of cream
170 mls milk
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract or paste
1 sheet of frozen Puff Pastry.

1 egg and 1 Tablespoon of water for egg wash.

Into TMX bowl place
egg yolks
caster sugar,
cream and milk
Zap speed5/5 seconds
cook 13 mins/sp 1 1/2/90 o
Add vanilla and stir to incorporate.

set aside in bowl, covered with plastic so that skin does not form. Cool in fridge. (This could be done several hours before making the tarts)

Set oven to heat 200 o C

Remove 1 sheet of pastry from freezer and when defrosted, cut in half.
Place one half on top of other half and leave for 5 mins.
Firmly roll, from shortest end to other shortest end.
mark 12, 1cm. sections along roll. Cut through these marks.
On a well floured mat roll each small disc of Puff Pastry to a 10 cm. circle.
Fit these into a 12 hole , 80ml. muffin tin that has been lightly sprayed with Canola oil.
Brush edges of Puff Paste with egg wash.

(If you need to wait for custard to cool , place the tin in the fridge.)

Fill each case with 2 Tablespoons of custard.
Bake for 20 mins.
During last 5 mins turn oven to grill to create the small brown patches that characteristic of these tarts.
Leave in tin for 5 mins and then remove to a wire rack.

Best served just warm. Could gently reheat.

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