Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mock Rice with Italian dressing.

Thanks to Helene, people can reduce their carbs to a quarter if they substitute this Mock Rice for the real thing. I have experimented with the Mock Rice and have come up with this tasty salad. Warm or cold.

Serves 4/6 as a side dish.

2 cups of Mock rice.

270 Cauliflorets, zapped at speed5/4 seconds,produced 2 cups.
Steam in basket for 5 mins. (If 500mls of tap water is placed in bowl and set at Varoma, when it boils, place basket in and then steam for 5 mins. at speed 2) Set aside.

Wash out bowl, and place into bowl...
50g pitted black olives
45g. semi dried tomatoes
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 Dessertspoon of EVOO
Turbo until chopped fine but not paste. (2 presses of 2 seconds ?)

Using 2 forks fold this mix through 'rice' and add hand chopped parsley and S and P to taste.

Can be garnished with Roasted almonds, cashews. roasted red capsicum strips, 1/4 preserved artichokes.

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