Friday, November 4, 2011

Bread Making with TMX and Bread Machine

This is quite exciting with Summer coming , and not wanting to heat up the kitchen. Following Djinni 373 advice I got the Bread maker out of the Shed and had a fiddle. Made No Fuss recipe, let it rise in TMX bowl until double , then formed it into an oval shape, sprayed with water and topped with sesame seeds. set machine on Bake for 1 hour , and produced a perfect loaf.

I took the paddle out,( hate that shape it puts in the bottom of a loaf)
Cut a silicon liner to fit , with a small hole in the bottom to fit over the shaft.
Used Laucke flour, half wholemeal and half white.

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The Bush Gourmand said...

Now, if I'd only read this a long time ago I wouldn't have sold my bread machine!
Great idea to use it just as the oven. I also hated the big hole the paddle left.
Hmmm, now to buy a second hand bread machine....