Thursday, July 7, 2011

Norwegian Fish Cakes

While in Bergen, Norway, recently we dined at the Lido Cafe and ate Fish cakes. They were quite different to those that we make at home which are based on mashed potato and tinned salmon. These were light in texture, and although we had only 1 each on the plate,with salad, they were quite filling . This is my interpretation of these fish cakes.

300g, white fish, pressed between paper towel to remove excess water.
100g. small prawns.(shelled)
1 tin of crab, 170g , well drained
2 egg whites
1 heaped tablespoon of TMX Mayo.
1 teaspoon of dried dill leaves, or 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh dill leaves.
Chopped fresh parsley and spring onion tops. 1 Tablespoon of each
Salt and pepper.
Japanese Panko crumbs or fresh bread crumbs.
Rice Bran Oil

Place the egg whites in TMX with butterfly and beat, 3 mins/speed 4, or until thick white foam . Set aside in large bowl. No need to wash bowl.
Place the white fish into TMX bowl and press Turbo button 4 times, until a lumpy paste is formed. Tip onto egg whites.
Stir in small prawns and mayo, well drained crab, parsley, onion tops, dill leaves and Salt and pepper.

Place crumbs in large flat dish, and working 1 cake at a time, place large spoonfulls of mix into dish. Cover with crumbs and press lightly, as the cake will be VERY soft.
Lift on to a flat dish or large egg slice and slide into hot oil.
Cook until brown and turn to cook second side
Keep in warm oven.

Serve with salad and potato. I served with Wasabi mayo.

The number will depend upon the size of cakes.

Although these are very soft to handle before cooked, they firm up when cooked.

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