Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chookie's Sour Dough recipe and process

Chookie's Sour Dough recipe and process. « I have been meaning to put this on for some time. 1. How you manage your Sour Dough depends on your domestic circumstances. This is what suits me.

 At 9.00am remove starter from fridge and feed with equal parts of filtered water and bread flour. At 4.00pm, place into TMX bowl....... 220g warm filtered water 250g. bread flour 220g Sour dough Culture (2 teaspoons of sugar) I use Laucke bread mix so i don't add these . Knead for 5 mins. Leave in bowl to prove overnight. At 10.00am next morning, place back on TMX and knead for 2 mins. ADDING 300g. of ADDITIONAL flour and 1 teaspoon of salt.   Tip onto floured silmat and fold over several times. Flour hands if sticky. Place in cooking pan/tin that has a lid. spray with water and cover with plastic . It will double in size so leave room. Leave in warm place to double.(this may take up to 4 hours) 
 20min before you think it is ready, heat oven to 200oC, Cut 1cm slashes in top and place lid on.spray again with water or brush with egg wash Bake 30 mins with lid on. remove lid and bake a further 30 mins.

 Tips Good idea to line tin/dish No need to place dish of water in bottom of oven as the bread is covered for the first 30mins. This makes a large loaf, when cool can cut in half and freeze 1/2. 
If you wish to cook it in a large bread tin, you can form a tent of foil. The idea is to keep the moisture in to assist with the rising. 
When you remove the culture from the fridge and feed it, it needs about 7 hours to be fully active . leave it sitting on the kitchen bench. After you have removed what you need, add more water and flour to the container , give it a good stir and leave on bench for about an hour before placing back in fridge. 
 You only need about 1 Tablespoon of starter to get it going again. Good idea to spray under side of lid with canola oil to prevent sticking. Good luck , and develop a time table that suits you.

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