Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have to admit to a guilty pleasure, well about twice a year, to enjoying a Big Mac. I thought that, with the help of the TMX I could create a smaller version, which might also be healthy. My aim is also to make it simple and tasty. Gourmet Traveller says that this is to be the year of the Burger. I wanted to create a finger food burger that could be eaten as a snack.

First the Bun.

Preheat oven to 220o

This should be simple, so decided to use my 'No Fuss' bread recipe.
520g Laucke white flour mix, 3oog warm water and 2 teaspoons of dried yeast.

Mix and let double.
Flatten on bench to 1cm, and using a 6 cm. scone cutter, cut out 24 circles.
Place in well oiled muffin tins, and brush with egg wash, sprinkle with sesame seeds.
Let rise until double and place in preheated oven, 220o, bake for 10 - 15 mins, or until light brown on top.
If soft tops required, place rolls in a plastic bag, before they are completely cool.
If crisp tops required then let cool on wire rack.
These can be made the day before required.


After a great deal of reading and testing I found that plain fresh mince beef from the supermarket was best. Not the 5 star mince beef that I usually buy, but the cheaper one with more fat. The fat is necessary for the flavor and to stick them together.
DON'T add anything,
Form 60g, small scoops of mince beef into patties. Put on a plate and place in fridge until needed.

Prepare in dishes....

Buy tomatoes that will slice in rounds to the size of the rolls.
Break lettuce into pieces that will fit neatly over hamburger.
Coon Tasty or Bega tasty ,shaved to thin slices to fit hamburger.
Place Mayo. dill pickles. tomato or sweet chilli sauce,onion and mustard in dishes.

Heat 2 grills or pans and brush with oil.
When hot, form the hamburgers into rounds just slightly larger than the rolls. They will shrink a bit.
Place cut rolls, outside down and warm them in pan. Turn them to brown a bit on the cut side.
Turn hamburgers and immediately place a bit of cheese on the cooked surface. It will melt a bit. Don't over cook the hamburgers or they will dry out.

Place bottom of buns on a plate or tray, place a hamburger on top, then tomato then lettuce. Then top. I had to use a tooth pick to hold the top in place as I had made the pattie too large in the first test group. (see Photo)

The little rolls would make ideal dinner rolls, or little rolls for kids lunches. They also could be cooked for just 10 mins, frozen and then reheated in a hot oven.

Feel free to make the hamburger , larger or smaller.
Let everyone then add extras.

I think KFC and a vegetarian variety would be nice.

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