Saturday, July 28, 2018

Italian Fish Stew

I ate this dish at a Lygon Street Restaurant.  It is very easy to make and an excellent dish to prepare for dinner guests.  The base can be prepared ahead and the fish added at the last minute. It is served with grilled bread, to soak up the sauce.  Leftovers can be added to pasta for an additional meal.

Serves 6
1 leek or 1 large onion
4 large cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon Olive oil
1 small green capsicum pepper, diced
3 sticks of celery cut on the diagonal
12  small Chat potatoes, or 6 large cut in half.
800g tin of Italian diced tomatoes.
1 kilo of fish, could use marinara mix ( I made up a kilo from fresh Salmon, whiting, prawns , scallops and a tin of baby clams.)
3 large cap Mushrooms. Optional.
Salt and black pepper to taste.


Pour 1 litre of hot waster into TMX bowl.
Place potatoes into basket and steam 30 minutes , Varoma , speed 4 , or until cooked but not falling apart.
While potatoes are steaming, prepare veggies and fish.
Slice celery on the diagonal, set aside.
Add diced green Capsicum  to celery.
Smash garlic and add to celery and Capsicum
Thickly slice mushrooms, if using , and add to celery etc.
Slice leek or onion, set aside in separate bowl.
Prepare fish and place in steamer, set aside

Tip water out of TMX bowl and set potatoes aside in basket.
Add leek or onion with oil to TMX bowl. Cook 10 minutes, 100 degrees on 1/2 reverse.
Add all the veggies  and 2 tins tomatoes to the TMX bowl, PLUS 1/2 tin of water.
Place lid on TMX bowl and place steaming tray on top. ( the fishy liquid will drip into veggies in bowl and add flavour. Cook 30 minutes, Varoma, speed 4 reverse.
Stir fish after 15 minutes.
When tomato mix is cooked tip into a large serving dish, add fish and potatoes. Gently fold fish in.
Test for salt and pepper.
Sprinkle with lots of parsley.
Can serve at table into bowls.

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