Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sushi on the side

This is a recipe for deconstructed Californian Rolls.  It has the same ingredients. It can serve as a main or as a side dish. It can be vegetarian by replacing the Salmon with steamed pumpkin.


400g Sushi rice washed, ( can use Risotto rice)
460g cold water
1 cup of Sushi seasoning with 1 teaspoon of Wasabi stirred in.
100 g Smoked Salmon, cubed
1 Lebanese cucumber cubed
1 large Avacado cubed
3 sheets of roasted Nori seaweed , 2 sheets cubed and 1 cut into thin small strips.
salt to taste
Dried Wakame. (optional)


Place rice and cold water into TMX bowl, temp. Varoma for (31)
                                                                     Temp 115 degrees for (50
Soft speed reverse for ten minutes.
Leave in bowl for 15 minutes.
Remove with a fork into a large flat dish.
While still warm pour the Sushi seasoning over while gently folding over with a fork.
Add rest of ingredients except the thin strips of Nori. Gently fold in.
Place on serving plate and garnish with thin strips of Nori or dried Wakame.


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