Saturday, August 16, 2014


2 litres of yoghurt is too much for us,  so looked for ideas to make 1 litre.  This is what I did,  easy.

1/2 cup of yoghurt,  didn't say pot set  but did contain lots of good bacteria.
1 litre of UHT milk, fresh would be ok.
 Electric yoghurt maker,  but could use small Thermoserver or wide mouth Thermos.

Switch on electric yoghurt maker
Pour hot water into container that is to take the mix. ( to warm it)
Pour 1 litre of milk into TMX bowl and heat to 37 degrees, speed 2
When 37 light stop flicking, stop machine and add 1/2 cup of bought yoghurt.
Mix for 30 seconds, speed 1.
Check to see that the added yoghurt has mixed through.
Empty out warm water from container add pour in mixture
Place in Electric machine and set for 10 hours.  ( i do this over night)
I place a tea towel on top to keep the heat in. 

This made a light set yoghurt.
Can add powdered milk to make a thicker set but I don't like the taste

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