Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bread baked in Slow Cooker.

It has been very hot in Southern Australia and no one wants to light up their oven and heat the kitchen.  I could make bread in my Bread Maker  but kept thinking of my friend Judy who loves to make bread but has no Bread Maker.  As I roamed the internet I came across several sites where people had experimented with baking bread in their slow cooker.  Like all bread makers I put my own spin on this idea.  here is the recipe that seems to suit our tastes.
Basically you make your dough, line SC , place bread in and turn it on hot. 1  hour 45 minutes to 2 hours later you have a large loaf of bread.  As the top is not brown,  spray with oil and place under grill for a few minutes.

350g white Bread flour, ( I use Laucke Crusty White Bread Mix)
150g German Grain Mix, (Laucke)
320 mls of warm water
2 generous teaspoons of dry yeast
1 dessertspoon of oil, ( I used Walnut oil)


Place all ingredients in TMX bowl and Knead for 4 minutes.
Dust with flour a large sheet of baking paper or silicon mat with flour .
When dough is kneaded turn bowl upside  down on to sheet. remove as much dough as possible with floured hands. You may need to place bowl back and Turbo for a few seconds to spin the remaining dough to the side of the bowl.
Form into a roughly round shape.
lift paper and place into SC.
Spray with water.
Place lid on and turn on to high.
After 1 3/4 hours test loaf with digital thermometer.  It should read 200 to 210.F
Switch grill in oven on.

Remove bread by lifting baking paper.
Slide bread off paper and spray with oil
Place under grill and watch it as it will brown very quickly. 
Allow to cool before cutting.

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