Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mustard Fruits, Non THM

Prior to cooking with vinegar, sugar and water.

Mustard fruits,  ready for the table.


1 liter of Apple Cider vinegar
2 1/2 cups of Raw Sugar
2 cups of water
1.2 ks of dried fruit,( I used 400g each of Figs, Apricots, Pears/ peaches and a handful of Raisins
4 Tablespoons of Wholegrain Mustard
2 teaspoons of yellow mustard seeds
1/2 cup of lemon juice
4 cloves of crushed garlic
1 Tablespoon of salt
4 Bay Leaves.


In a large pot boil sugar, water and vinegar.
Add fruit.  (I cut the figs in 1/2 and remove the little hard stem, then cut any large pieces to about the same size as the figs)
Add everything else and simmer for 30 mins,  or until all fruit is tender.
Ladle into jars and seal.

This makes 7 medium size jars.
Best to use jars with plastic lids or those that are lined.

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