Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reconstituted Sour Dough Starter.

 loaf made from reconstituted starter.

Starter , after overnight,  and ready for additional flour and water , to make loaf.
With 50g of Dehydrated  CHEROKEE Sour Dough Starter,  you are able to build a starter and then make your own Sour Dough Loaf.

To make starter
Sterilize  a 500ml. jam jar with boiling water.
When cool, tip in starter and add 50g bread flour and 100g of filtered water.'(you can boil water from the tap and then let it cool.)
Stir well,  let sit in a warm place over night.  ( 15/20 o)
Next morning add 1/2 cup of flour and enough water to form a thick paste.
When it starts to have bubbles on top ,feed again.  This may be 2/3/4/ hours or if cold ,all day.
Keep feeding until you have 300/400 g of starter,  and it is bubbling energetically.
You are now ready to make a loaf.

To make a loaf.
Tip 200g of starter into TMX bowl.  Leave some in jar to start to build for next loaf.
Add 250g of bakers flour and 125g of filtered water,  and knead for 3 mins.
Leave in bowl to double,  in a warm spot, (over night)
Next morning,  add 250g of flour and 100g warm filtered water
2 teaspoons of salt and 1 or 2 teaspoons sugar   .(If you use Laucke Pre Mix , don't add salt or sugar)
Knead for 4 minutes.
Tip on to Silmat that is well dusted with flour and knead by hand for a few mins.,  until dough does not feel sticky.
Shape and put into  lined cast iron pot or bread tin,  spray with water, cover with plastic, and place in warm spot to double.  Could take 4/6 hours.
Bake in hot oven 200/220 o for 30 mins, remove from tin , lay on side and bake for another 15 mins.
If baking in a tin,  place a dish with water in bottom of oven to create steam.  if in covered cast iron pot,  this is not necessary.
If baking in cast iron pot, spray inside of lid with canola oil, so that bread doesn't  stick to the lid.  Remove the lid after 30 mins. and continue to bake for 15 mins to brown top.

A thermometer is very handy to test if loaf is cooked.  A thin metal probe that measures Fahrenheit is best.  If when stuck into the side of the loaf it reaches 200 o F ,  then it is cooked.  If not put back in oven, out of tin for 5/7 more mins.

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