Sunday, August 19, 2012

KFC spice Marinade

When I make the spice for the Kerry Farm Chicken,  I make a lot.  Some is given to friends as gifts and some used in the original recipe,  where the chicken in left in a mix of spice and buttermilk, for a couple of hours or overnight.  Then dipped in a mix of flour ,  more spice and buttermilk and shallow fried or oven baked. 
For people looking for a GF and Lactose alternative,  I offer this recipe,  using the spice mix which is used to mix with flour,  but in this case with GROUND ALMONDS OR SESAME SEEDS.

I have used Dessertspoons as the basic measure but you could use teaspoons or even cups as long as the proportions  stay the same.  Just adjust to fit the amount of Chicken,  beef , pork, or veggies.

Mix together

2 Dessertspoons of KFC mix
1 Dessertspoon of crushed garlic
3 Dessertspoons of oil
6 Dessertspoons of fresh Lemon juice

(This can be kept in a jar in Fridge until required )

Marinade chicken or pork or steak or vegetables in above mix.
Roll marinated chicken etc in either Ground Almonds or Sesame seeds and cook in pan brushed with oil.  OR grill without coating.

Fish is not recommended as the lemon juice will 'cook' the fish.

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