Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tangelo Marmalade

We seem to have plenty of Lemons at the moment and Tangelos were on "Special" at the shop, so I thought I would make some marmalade. I used the basic formula from my recipe for Lemon and Carrot marmalade. A carrot could be added to this recipe as well as 2 Tablespoons of rum.

2 Tangelos (2 x 200g)
1 Lemon, (90g)
1 tablespoon of Lemon juice
500g water
Sugar, 3/4 of cooked fluid in TMX, ( I used 750g ) as there was 1000g in bowl.


Place 1/4ed. Tangelo and lemon (pips removed )in Bowl and zap to desired consistency.
Add lemon juice and water and cook at 100 o for 30 mins.
Take note of the level of the mixture in jug and add 3/4 of this amount in sugar.
Cook at 100o for 15 mins., and then at Varoma temp. for 5 mins.
Test to see that it has jelled. If not 5 more mins. Varoma .
Bottle in sterile jars, put lids on and Turn upside down for 5 mins to sterilize lids.

This made 3 large jars with a little over.

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