Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Soda Bread

This recipe is different from other Soda Breads  that are on the Forum,  so I have decided to post it.  It also reminds me of the Soda Bread that we had at a Pub in Ireland, several years ago.  I have adapted the recipe from. Justin Gellatly's book, 'Bread, Cake Doughnut , Pudding. ' to TMX.  I have also made small changes to the ingredients.
The finished loaf has a beautiful crisp crust, great texture with  healthy grains and  satisfying taste.
It makes an 800gram loaf, will keep well,  toast, but will also freeze. 

Set oven at 200o C
250 grams coarse or standard strong  wholemeal flour. ( I used BioFort Golden Wholemeal, by Laucke.)
250 grams Self Raising flour
80 grams of oatmeal, ( I used rolled oats6 grams of Bicarbonate of soda.
12 or 6 grams of salt. ( Laucke flour has added salt)
12 grams of soft light brown sugar.( I used Coconut sugar)
200grams of water
250 grams of buttermilk or yoghurt.( low fat ok)
1 teaspoon of oil to brush loaf before baking.

Place all ingredients in TMX bowl and knead for 2 minutes.
Tip out on to baking tray Lined with silicon  or baking paper.
Form into a round cob shape , brush with oil and sprinkle a few rolled oats.
Cut a cross into loaf, about 1/4 way through.
Let sit on bench for 5 minutes.
Bake 45 minutes, turning 1/2 way through.

Notes.  My loaf took 45 minutes as it was fairly high.  A flatter loaf may be cooked in 35 minutes.
             This loaf can be cut when still warm. 

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