Friday, August 1, 2014

Artichoke dip

I always keep a tin or jar of Artichokes in the pantry.  They give an ordinary salad a nice kick or in this case can be turned into a dip or spread.  Low fat and low calorie,  they are nice with some bubbles before a meal or as a base for a pizza.

1 , 400 gram tin of Artichokes, yields 6, or 240 gs when drained.
1 clove of garlic
1/2 a lemon, rind removed with a vegetable peeler, juiced
1 dessert spoon of sour cream,  light OK
Olive oil, enough to bring the mixture together, about 1 tablespoon

Drop garlic and lemon peel onto spinning blades, speed 7
Scrape down and zap again. Scrape down and add remaining ingredients and mix on speed 7. Scraping down several times until you get a consistency that you like.
Scrape into serving bowl.
Serve with crackers, carrot and celery sticks or with Naan bread.

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