Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Red Silk Chicken

This is a basic recipe for a MOTHER STOCK. You may add other Asian spices if you wish, such as Dried orange Peel, cinnamon sticks or 5 spice powder. I have used this basic recipe for 40 years and it is the one we like. The day prior to cooking the chicken, I make the stock and let the flavors infuse. To do this I simmer the stock for 20 mins. at 100 with reverse setting and gentle speed.

Place in TMX bowl

250mls. soy sauce
250mls Chinese Rice wine
250mls Chicken stock or water and chicken stock powder.
250mls water
200g. sugar
3 whole Star Anise
4 whole dried Chinese Mushrooms.
4 thick slices of fresh ginger
4 large cloves of garlic, squashed.

Cook 20 mins., 100, speed soft.

Next day Wash chicken and place 3 spring onions inside chicken.
Place chicken, breast side up, in heavy cooking pot that is just a little larger than chicken.
Pour stock over chicken.
Simmer for 30 mins, turn chicken over and simmer for 20 mins , or until chicken is cooked.
Leave in stock for 20 mins.
Cut into pieces and serve with boiled rice and stir fried or steamed veggies.

The mushrooms that have been cooked with the chicken can be sliced and served with the chicken.

It would be possible to cook the chicken with Thermomixer's method for WHITE COOKED CHICKEN, however you need a small chicken to do this, size 13.
It would be also possible to cook chicken pieces in a dish in the Varoma, in the stock.

Keep stock in fridge or freezer to re use.

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