Thursday, September 24, 2020

Japanese Milk Bread. Shokupan

 I have adapted this recipe from one published in The Age Good Food newspaper , to Thermomix. 

It is a soft light bread ideal for sandwiches, ( chicken, mayo, Avo and bacon Anyone?), toasties and when a few days old, Pawn Toasts.  It toasts well. 

I initially made the loaf in a bread tin with sliding lid but it didn’t fill the tin.  Have increased the recipe by 1/3 so as to fill the tin. 

It is a very easy recipe, with a Yudane made the night before.



135g Bakers Flour, ( bread  flour)

110 g boiling water 

Make this the day prior to making loaf

Set scales in TMX

Weigh flour into TM bowl , add boiling water.

Mix 20 seconds, speed 4

Scrape into bowl and cover. 

Leave on kitchen bench over night. 


600g bread flour

400 mls milk heated to 30 degrees C

15 g sugar, ( original calls for 30g but we do no like sweet Bread so reduced this)

 5 g salt

8g instant yeast

30 g butter , softened

1 egg mixed with a little water for glaze


place all ingredients EXCEPT. butter and egg into TMX bowl and knead for 4 minutes

Add soft butter and knead for 2 minutes. 

Scrape into oiled bowl , cover with plastic, and allow to double, in a wam place. 

Scrape onto lightly floured bench and form into 3 equal balls, stretching dough tightly over surface. 

Place in tin. Line with baking Paper if necessary. 

Cover with plastic and allow to double.

Brush egg mixed with a little water over dough.

Slide cover on tin. 

Bake 160 to 170 FF, 35 minutes. 

Remove lid from tin and bake a further 5 to 10 minutes. . Test with thermometer. Should reach 200 f quickly. If not , place back in oven for a further  5/10 minutes. 

Allow to cool before cutting. 


Baked in 900g Jumbo bread tin with sliding lid.  Approximately L32 cm, W16cm, H 10cm

Use digital scales for yeast, butter, salt and sugar

Freezes well

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Amanda said...

Very pleased to see a TM version of this. I've had plans to make it all weekend - I just keep forgetting to do the yudane at night!