Saturday, October 31, 2015

World's Best Diet, Rye Bread.

Yesterday I made 3 new Bread recipes. This one, which I have adapted from the Worlds Best Diet was the best.
I have decided while trying again to lose weight, that I will eat only the best of what is available. If it is not available,  then I will make it with the aide of my TMX.
I made 1/2 the recipe as a full recipe would be too much for the TMX.  This loaf provides 20 slices at 75 calories a slice.


390g Sour Dough starter
320g Rye flour
85g wholemeal flour
3 teaspoons of dry yeast
1 Tablespoon of honey
50g Pepitas
35 g Linseed
55g soaked grains, see note below
1 teaspoon of salt
230g beer, you may not need all of this as it will depend on how wet your SD starter is.
Extra seeds for top


Place all ingredients in the TMX bowl and knead for 4 minutes.
You need a fairly soft dough
Tip into a lined or well oiled bread tin.  26x10x11cm. smooth top.
Spray with water and sprinkle extra seeds on top.
Cover with plastic. I use a shower cap.
Sit in a warm place until it reaches top of tin. It will not rise in oven.
Heat oven to 180 o C.
Place dish with water in bottom of oven.
Bake for 40 minutes in tin, remove from tin and sit on oven rungs and bake for another 10 minutes.
If top is becoming too dark, cover with foil.
When cooked, place on cooling rack and don't cut until cold.

For the soaked grains, I bring to the boil a pot of mixed grains, leave to cool in water, drain then place in 100g lots in the freezer.
Pepitas are green pumpkin seeds
The original recipe calls for 100g of dried Cranberries. I didn't add these.
Also recipe calls for an extra 1/2 tablespoon of honey.
You could add Caraway seeds.

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