Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kefir Whey used in bread making, an observation.

After making a litre of Kefir and then straining it through a nut milk bag,  I ended up with 1 Tablespoon of a lovely soft cheese and the rest whey.  So as not to waste this valuable liquid i did some research and decided to make bread,  using the whey instead of water.  Most posts on Google refer to using the Whey as the raising agent, some times adding a little yeast. This is a long process and can take several days.  I needed fresh bread for lunch.
In the recipe for Vienna Bread, (thanks Cookie), I replaced all the water with the whey. The first rise took twice as long .  The second rise was normal.  The bread baked as normal.  When tasted,  there was little Whey taste.  The Crust was a little more chewy,  not as crusty as without the Whey. It produced a fine loaf. 

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Manda said...

That is a great idea. I will have to remember to pop past here when I next make bread and have kefir