Monday, January 7, 2013

Value Added Bread

This bread has added grains and fiber,  to add to the nutritional value of each slice.  Although I have used cooked Quinoa,  you could use Quinoa flakes or Quinoa flour.  The Freekeh, I have left as whole grains to give the bread texture,  but again you could zap the grain in the TMX to give a finer texture.I used Amaranth flour and Psyllium husks for added fiber.  I have also added liquid Malt ,  to balance the flavor.  This could be substituted with  1/2 the amount in honey.

Pre heat oven to 220 o, with dish of water in bottom.

155g of mixed grains.  (Quinoa , cooked 50g.  Freekeh 50g.  Amaranth flour 50g.  Psyllium husks 5 g.)
400g of white bread flour or wholemeal bread flour.
3 teaspoons of  dried yeast
50 mls of liquid malt
300 to 320 mls of warm water.
Seeds to decorate.

If using whole grain Freekeh, measure the grain into TMX bowl and  pour 300 mils of boiling water over.  Let soak and cool in the bowl until the temperature reads 37 o on the dial.
When it gets down to this temperature, add rest of ingredients
Knead for 6 minutes. ( you may need to add the remaining 20 mils of water)
Let rise in bowl ,  when it pushes the cap out,  it is ready to form into a loaf.
Remove from bowl and place on thermo mat,  push air out and knead for 1 minute.
Flatten into a disk and roll into a log shape.
Form into a free form loaf or place in lined bread tin.
Dress with seeds,  spray with water and cut 3 , 1 cm. slashes in top.
Cover with plastic and let rise to double.
Bake for 30 minutes , turning around 1/2way through.
Test with digital thermometer, if not cooked return to oven , out of tin, and bake for another 5/10 minutes.
Cool on wire rack.  Don't cut until cool. (If you can resist hot bread with Butter)

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