Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chookie's Meyer Lemon Dust

We have had our first full crop of Meyer Lemons.   I have been looking for different ways of preserving this beautiful fruit. I have been using my dehydrator lately so thought I would dry some lemons and then grind them into powder in the TMX.
I sliced 8 lemons as thin as possible,  and then dried them.  This took all day.  I ended up with 100g of powder.  It has an intense lemon flavor and could replace zest in a recipe. Could be added to meringues or cream in a sponge.  Shortbread biscuits or coconut biscuits.  Sugar could be added for an icing and i could go on and on.
JulieO,  from forumthermomix, put her dust through a spice grinder, to get an even finer powder,

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