Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cooking with Tenina

Last night I was lucky enough to attend Tenina's cooking class. I didn't count, but there were probably well over 20 people attending.Three 'girls' had driven from Bendigo ,(through a storm), and 2 from way up north , from Wangaratta. No one regretted attending. Tenina could have filled 2 classes from our area.
I am a bit of a cooking class junkie and by now know what I need to look for. I want to find out new information and I want to be entertained.
On arrival we were all provided with a small drink/sample of Aztec Hot Chocolate Shot. The ingredients were described in a booklet that was most professionally presented. This booklet contained the 9 recipes that Tenina was going to make and we were going to taste.
Throughout the evening, Tenina's generosity of spirit was evident as she shared tips with us about how to get the most out of our TMX.
The tips that i found most valuable were.......
1.Always use the very best ingredients that are available
2.Use Couverture chocolate for best results
3.Cook onions on Varoma temp for 5 mins.
4.To make icing sugar, grind/cool/grind/ cool. Do this 10 times so that it is not gritty. This is how commercial icing sugar is made.
5,Bread is best kneaded for 4 mins. ( but we already knew this) Tenina said that this develops a better texture.
6.Most things can be chopped at speed 5., however herbs need speed 6 or 7 to prevent the herbs wrapping around blade.
7.To chop nuts, best to add to a wet mix so that they don't turn to paste.
8. place small ball of dough into a jug of luke warm water. When it rises to the surface of the water , the main ball of dough should be ready to be shaped.
9.Melt chocolate at 37/ speed 1. Chocolate ganache at 50.
10. Tenina uses raw sugar in all her recipes, unless otherwise stated.
11. Soak and drain Quinoa before cooking.
12. Most Australian ovens are not accurate in Temp. test your oven.

What was most popular?

Several people mentioned the Baked Camembert en Croute. I was pleasantly surprised at the Quinoa filling in the roasted peppers, What I really enjoyed was the Pecan Dacquoise.

If you can possibly attend one of Tenina's classes, do so, as you will get to use your TMX to greater advantage.


bitkiselcafe said...

Thank you for sharing the tips with us Elizabeth.
I will definitely try Number 4. I had never heard it before!

Sannah said...

These tips are really useful, thanks so much for sharing them.
Sannah x