Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tang Zhong style Bread Rolls

This recipe was posted on the Forum Thermomix by Meganjane and created great interest. I thought I should try it, but didn't like the softness of the crumb which is characteristic of this bread. This is not surprising in that I am addicted to Sour Dough. However one of Melbourne's Top Chefs, is serving a 'Chinese style roll with a pork filling". Ha! , I thought, Tang Zhong made into a roll. I made up MJ's recipe, adapted to TMX and made 12 rolls , and cooked them in Muffin Top Trays. Not quite right, but near enough to know that they will work.


Heat oven to 220

Place 250mls of water in TMX bowl and add 50 g of bread flour
Cook for 5 1/2 mins,heat 60, speed 4.
Tip out into container and allow to cool to room temp.

Place 150g of starter into TMX bowl and add
500g of Bread flour
200g. warm water
2 teaspoons of salt ,(left this out as i used Laucke bread mix.)
30g. of sugar, (left this out as I used Laucke bread mix)
2 Teaspoons of instant yeast
50g melted butter.
Mix on knead for 15 mins. I mixed for 5 mins. rested machine for 5 mins inbetween each 5 mins.
Leave in warm spot until double.
Knead for 2 mins and them tip onto floured silmat and cut with plastic cutter into 12 pieces
Spray tins with oil and form into balls and place in tins.
Spray with water or brush with egg wash for a brown top.
Cover and allow to double.
Bake for 20 mins.
Cool on rack.

These rose well, for a flatter bun , I think a well oiled tray placed on top of the buns would give a flat top. I will try this with the next batch.

They keep fresh, very well. They also reheat well and could be the answer for those who wish to have "fresh" bread for breakfast.

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