Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quinori with Fresh Vegetables and Pesto

I have been reading a book by Alain Ducasse, Nature.  This recipe caught my eye as both the grain and the Pesto could be made in the TMX.
The Base, Quinori could be used to replace grain in most recipes and if the Chickpeas were squashed, 100 g could be added to a bread mix. 
The grain mix freezes very well

1 cup of Brown rice
1 cup Quinota
2 cups cooked Chick peas (tinned OK)
1 cup Sesame seeds

Vegetables sliced on Mandolin or finely diced. Could be chopped for 2 seconds/speed 4 in TMX
6 Radishes,
6 thin Asparagus spears, Keep tops separate and chop rest in 1/4 inch dice.
2 baby carrots.
1/2 small young fennel bulb
2 spring onions
1 fresh tomato, cubed.
If available, seed pods from fennel.
( or a variety of fresh young vegetables that will partially stream when folded into hot grain mix..

Pesto, to be served in a jug on the side.
2 sprigs of both Chevil and coriander, ( chevil could be replaced with Parsley)
3 sprigs of Parsley
1 clove of garlic
3 sprigs of Basil
2 Tablespoons of Olive oil
3 tablespoons of milk,( any type )

Make Pesto and set aside. Left overs can be used to dress Pasta
Place all ingredients into TMX bowl and mix on speed 7 until a smooth sauce.

Place Brown Rice and quinoa in TMX basket and wash well under running tap water.
Place 1 litre of cold water in TMX bowl and place basket into bowl.
Cook 27 minutes/100 degrees/speed 4.  test to see rice is cooked.
Remove to large bowl and add cooked Chickpeas and sesame seeds and fold through. When cool mix can be frozen or kept in fridge for 2 days.
slice on Mandolin and fine cube place aside.Add 2 Tablespoon of olive oil.
Cube Tomato

Use as much or as little of the QUINORI mix as required.
If Quinori is still hot,place in lidded casserol dish, stir through tomato and place vegetables on top.
If not , heat quinori in TMX tray or Microwave.
Take to table and stir through vegetables and serve with pesto in jug.

Notes.  I serve this as a side with fish or meat.

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